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King County Flood Control Grants Awarded to Enumclaw Flood Reduction Projects


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King County Flood Control Grants Awarded to Enumclaw Flood Reduction Projects


The King County Flood Control District approved a new round of grant funding for project in the Enumclaw area.


The King County Flood Control District (FCD) on Wednesday approved a total of $165,000 in grant funding to support two flood reduction projects in the Enumclaw area. These funds were a part of $3.35 million in 2020 Flood Reduction Grants that the FCD awarded across 23 projects. 

“I’m glad to see continued investments in both preventing flooding and improving fish passage in the Enumclaw area,” said Flood Control District Vice Chair Reagan Dunn. “It’s important to maintain the flood control infrastructure that protects our community as well as our natural environment.”

The Flood Control District awarded $150,000 to the City of Enumclaw to fund its Battersby Culverts replacement project. The project will replace two failing culverts that drain a large area of the City of Enumclaw. Currently, the deterioration of the existing culverts causes frequent flooding between SR 410 and Battersby Avenue. This project will reduce the occurrence of this flooding while also improving fish passage in Watercress Creek.

Another $15,000 was awarded to Drainage District #13 to help repair its main drainage ditch. First built in 1921, the rockery requires repair due to erosion and collapse over time. Grant money will be used to restore the most critical portion of this drainage ditch and ensure continued water conveyance through the plateau of District 13, (the “Krain Valley”).

“Any time improvements can be made for the benefit of our citizens in controlling flood waters, as well as improving the habitat of our fish, is always welcome news,” said Enumclaw Mayor Jan Molinaro. “Our community would like to thank Flood Control District Vice Chair Reagan Dunn and the Board of Supervisors for their efforts.”

In its seventh year, the Flood Reduction Grant program funds smaller non-six-year Capital Improvement Plan projects supporting local communities including cities, homeowner associations, school districts, businesses, and non-profits. The program provides grant funding for projects with flood reduction benefits, including but not limited to, surface water overflows, near shore flooding, lake flooding due to outflow blockage, or the clearance of clogged agricultural drainage systems.

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