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Dunn: Defunding KCSO Would ‘Create a Perfect Storm’ for Public Safety


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Dunn: Defunding KCSO Would ‘Create a Perfect Storm’ for Public Safety


King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn issued a statement in response to the Executive’s proposed $6.5 million divestment in King County’s law enforcement budget.


King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn issued the following statement in response to the Executive’s proposed $6.5 million divestment in King County’s law enforcement budget:  

“Releasing felons into our communities while simultaneously slashing the budget of the Sheriff’s Office by millions will create a perfect storm that will jeopardize community safety. We might as well hang a huge neon sign on the Space Needle that reads ‘Hey Organized Crime: King County is Open for Business.’ Our crime rates will surely spike locally as they already have started to do in many areas with shootings and homicides.

“The bottom line is Seattle-style politics don’t reflect the needs of the rest of King County, and a cut in the KCSO budget will make these suburban and rural neighborhoods far less safe.”

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