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King County to Boost Volunteer Opportunities for People to Aid in the Region’s Coronavirus Response


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King County to Boost Volunteer Opportunities for People to Aid in the Region’s Coronavirus Response


Councilmember Reagan Dunn introduced a program to help identify volunteer opportunities for people to help with the COVID-19 response.


King County Council Vice Chair Reagan Dunn on Tuesday proposed a program that would tap into the volunteer spirit of the general public to better assist the County’s efforts to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

Dunn’s motion asks the King County Council, in consultation with the County Executive, to identify volunteer needs within King County to create opportunities for the public to participate in the COVID-19 response. It includes required reports on how this program could be best established, due back as early as two weeks from the date of passage. The Council’s report will include information on the various ways in which people can volunteer their time, energy and professional expertise to help with the global response to the outbreak in our region. 

Dunn’s legislation was introduced this morning and will be before the King County Council next week.

“Many people feel powerless to help in this evolving crisis,” Dunn said. “This program will empower those people with safe and productive avenues to share their expertise and make a difference as we fight COVID-19 and prevent its further spread.”

In a statement of support, King County Executive Dow Constantine said: “Every generation faces defining challenges. COVID-19 is such a challenge. The best way to make sure we get through this is for the community to pull together, to bring the spirit of volunteerism to bear. Let’s welcome all hands on deck and work through this crisis as one united community.”

When launched, the initiative will be called Project C.A.R.E. for COVID-19 ACTION, and RESPONSE ENLISTMENT, and will include a website listing volunteer activities along with ways for people to reach out to the host groups and start volunteering. 

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