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Spike in violent crime prompts Dunn to introduce neighborhood safety program


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Spike in violent crime prompts Dunn to introduce neighborhood safety program


With violent crime at an all-time high in King County, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn is introducing legislation calling for creating a community-driven neighborhood safety program in unincorporated King County.


Dunn’s motion would establish a program within the King County Sheriff’s Office, dubbed “Neighborhood Safety L.E.A.D.E.R”, where community members and law enforcement can come together to Learn and Educate about public safety, Assistance and Develop a neighborhood safety plan, and Engage and Recruit community safety teams (L.E.A.D.E.R.).
“Neighborhood safety programs send the message that crime will not be tolerated, while also allowing communities to lead on their own solutions to their public safety concerns,” said Dunn. “This program is simple and inexpensive, yet highly effective in the fight against crime.”

Homicides and murders in King County have more than doubled in 2021 from 2018’s numbers, increasing from 51 homicides in 2018 to 109 homicides and potential homicides so far in 2021. Statistics indicate that communities with active Neighborhood Watch programs show a decrease in burglaries and related crimes, while giving residents a means to initiate their own crime reduction programs and participate in their community’s safety.

Through the proposed program, community members would be able to work with the King County Sheriff’s Office to obtain a crime watch sign to be placed in the neighborhood and to facilitate crime prevention activities including mobilizing neighborhood patrols, distributing crime prevention information and coordinating neighborhood clean-ups. This legislation will be heard in the Law and Justice Committee later this fall.
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