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Enumclaw flood reduction projects receive $1.47 million in funding


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Enumclaw flood reduction projects receive $1.47 million in funding


The King County Flood Control District (FCD) on Tuesday approved a total of $1.47 million in grant funding to support two flood reduction projects in the Enumclaw area.


The King County Flood Control District (FCD) on Tuesday approved a total of $1.47 million in grant funding to support two flood reduction projects in the Enumclaw area. These funds were a part of $14 million Flood Reduction Grants Package for 2022 that the FCD awarded across 49 projects. 

“I’m excited to see major funding provided to projects in Enumclaw that not only reduce the threat of flooding along important roadways, but also improve critical salmon habitat,” said Flood Control District Vice Chair Reagan Dunn. “This is a victory for our community and for our natural environment.”

The City of Enumclaw received a $1.25 million Flood Reduction Grant to support its project to restore Boise Creek at the Enumclaw Golf Course to its historic channel and uncover a section of Chappel Springs, an adjacent tributary that runs underneath the course. By re-directing Boise Creek away from the golf course, the waterway will be kept in the shade, improving spawning conditions for salmon, as well as the travel route for fish that are passing through. As an added benefit, this project will move the Boise Creek away from the golf course, making it less susceptible to flooding, which has become more common in recent years.

“The City of Enumclaw sincerely appreciates the FCD funding for this important project,” said Mayor Jan Molinaro. “This project has multiple benefits to reduce flooding impacts to the Enumclaw Golf Course, but more importantly provide a vastly improved riparian habitat for Boise Creek and eliminates a 900-foot culvert in favor of a restored tributary channel that will provide spawning and rearing habitat for native salmonids.  Thank you, King County Council and our District 9 Councilmember Reagan Dunn, for making this project possible.”

The FCD also awarded an additional $220,000 to King County Drainage District #5 to begin construction on a project to replace a conveyance system that drains a large area of the City of Enumclaw. The current conveyance system is undersized and aged, contributing to flooding along Cedar Street and Rainier Avenue during periods of heavy rainfall. Once complete, the new conveyance system will improve drainage of the roadway.

In addition to these two grants, the FCD awarded $400,000 to a King Conservation District (KCD) project that seeks to increase participation in King County’s Agricultural Drainage Assistance Program (ADAP), which helps agricultural property owners improve drainage of their agricultural lands by providing both technical and financial assistance. A highly successful program, ADAP has a backlog of interested participants who want help with drainage issues. This funding will expand ADAP services, allowing more farmers, including those in the Enumclaw area, to utilize the program.

Now in its eighth year, the Flood Reduction Grant program funds smaller non-six-year Capital Improvement Plan projects supporting local communities including cities, homeowner associations, school districts, businesses, and non-profits. The program provides grant funding for projects with flood reduction benefits, including but not limited to, surface water overflows, near shore flooding, lake flooding due to outflow blockage, or the clearance of clogged agricultural drainage systems. In March of 2020, Flood Reduction Grants expanded to include three new grants categories providing funding for projects addressing the countywide flooding issues of urban streams, coastal erosion/coastal flooding, and culvert replacement/fish passage restoration.

The King County Flood Control District is a special purpose district that provides funding and policy oversight for flood risk reduction capital projects and programs in King County. For more information on Flood Reduction Grant opportunities, contact Supervisor Reagan Dunn at

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