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Committee Chair:

  • Local Services and Land Use Committee

    I am excited to share that my colleagues have once again elected me as Chair of the Local Services and Land Use Committee of the King County Council. I look forward to leading on issues of our unincorporated and rural areas, permitting and zoning, county roads and bridges, local parks and trails, housing, growth management, water and sewer district plans, historic preservation, and more! 

  • Regional Transit Committee

    The Regional Transit Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the King County Council on countywide policies and plans for public transportation services operated by the County. The committee’s responsibilities include the Strategic Plan for Public Transportation, which sets objectives, goals and strategies for King County Metro; the King County Metro Service Guidelines, the blueprint for allocation of transit service and measuring performance; and the METRO CONNECTS long-range plan.

Committee Vice Chair: 

  • Law, Justice, Health and Human Services 

    The Council's Law, Justice, Health and Human Services Committee considers and makes recommendations on policies relating to law, safety, and criminal justice, as well as policies related to health and housing services. The committee's jurisdiction includes policies related to the implementation of the charter amendments related to the duties of the sheriff’s office; public safety; adult detention; juvenile justice and youth services; superior and district courts; judicial administration; prosecuting attorney; public defense; emergency medical services; office of law enforcement oversight; bail reform; pretrial services; alternatives to incarceration; combating human trafficking; hate crime prevention; and civil rights. The committee's jurisdiction also includes health services provided to the community by county agencies and branches; public health programs, including those related to the protection, promotion, and provision functions of the department of public health and the structure of the public health centers; and human services programs, including review of human services-related levies.

  • King County Flood Control District

    The Flood Control District’s Board of Supervisors is its primary governing body and is composed of the members of the Metropolitan King County Council. The District is responsible for planning and funding maintenance and repairs of the flood control system. The District is aimed at protecting lives and property and ensuring that a significant portion of King County’s economic infrastructure is safe from the damage that can be caused by fall and winter storms.


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