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Grants & Funding

Grants & Funding


As your King County Councilmember, I want to make sure that you have access to community funding opportunities available to local government and organizations in our District 3 community. Investing in our local government and non-profit organizations and supporting innovative ideas through funding will ensure that each of our communities are able to thrive.

If you have any questions about these opportunities, please reach out via email to 


Upcoming Grant Opportunities

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Past Grant Opportunities

December 2022: Grant Opportunities in December and January! 

November 2022: Grant Opportunities Available in November and December!

August 2022: Grant Opportunities Available in August and September!

July 2022: Grant Opportunities Available in July and August!

May 2022: Grant Opportunities Available Now – Apply for Funding Today!


Contact Councilmember Sarah Perry

Main phone: