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June 6, 2023
Councilmember von Reichbauer awards Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Distinguished Service to Catherine Carlile
"Despite their international work and success, Catherine and her family have chosen to make South King County their home. Although Catherine retains her British accent, she has adopted the Northwest value of looking back and giving back.” 

May 9, 2023
Council confirms 2 South King County residents to the Children and Youth Advisory Board
“I was pleased to sponsor the reappointments of both Yolanda Trout and Angela Griffin to the Children and Youth Advisory Board. Yolanda and Angela have history of public service and working with children and youth in their communities, and the Advisory Board has benefited from their wealth of diversity and experience.”

Nov. 15, 2022
Support for Auburn Area Schools, Youth, Parks and the Arts in Newly Passed King County Budget
“I am pleased that I was able to secure funding to support both established and new projects in the Auburn area. These funds will provide options for our students to succeed post-high school, enhance the open spaces in Algona, keep our youth engaged in extracurricular activities and off the streets, and help support the creation of a vibrant arts scene in downtown Auburn.”

Nov. 15, 2022
Support for Affordable Housing in Auburn in King County Budget
“I am pleased that as part of this budget, we were able to secure funding to support affordable housing in our region. The families served by Auburn Manor are some of the most vulnerable in our community and I am hopeful this funding will help preserve their access to stable housing.”

Nov. 15, 2022
Support for Federal Way Schools, Youth and Parks in Newly Passed King County Budget
“I am pleased I was able to secure funding for both new and established projects in South King County. These funds will support the completion of the first traditional Korean garden in Washington state, provide options for our students to succeed post-high school, and keep our youth off the streets.”

Sept. 1, 2022
Councilmembers Dunn, Dembowski, von Reichbauer introduce motion to oppose new airport in Enumclaw
“King County is fortunate to have a number of airports serving a wide variety of people. However, as South King County is already home to airports located in SeaTac, Renton, and Auburn, the siting of a fourth airport in Enumclaw would place a disproportionate aviation burden on the South Sound region, and I urge WSDOT to look elsewhere.”

July 20, 2022
Local community leaders and veterans reappointed to King County Veterans Advisory Board
“Carrol has been an outstanding member of the veterans committee and I am proud to have been able to sponsor her reappointment. With her military background and years of community leadership, she has provided a much-needed perspective when it comes to allocating levy funds.”

July 20, 2022
New Korean Consul General Honored with King County Council Recognition
“Through times of peace and times of war, the Republic of Korea and King County have forged strong economic and cultural ties which have enriched our region. As we welcome the new Consul General, I look forward to working with her to continue to strengthen the ties that bind us.”

June 21, 2022
King County Council recognizes sport of cricket and beginning of Seattle Thunderbolts season
“From Bellevue to Bengaluru, the United Kingdom to Australia, cricket is a universal sport that brings countless communities together from all over the world. I was impressed with the size and enthusiasm of the crowd at Marymoor Park. As our region has grown, so has our appetite for new sports and I know cricket will take the Pacific Northwest by storm.” 

June 3, 2022
King County allocates retired Metro vans to local organizations in Auburn as part of its Annual Van Transfer Program
“When I look back on my own legacy of serving on this council, this is one of those ‘successes’ that brings me joy. This program has served so many people in our region and I am very happy about starting it.”

June 3, 2022
King County allocates retired Metro vans to local organizations in Federal Way as part of its Annual Van Transfer Program
“When I look back on my own legacy of serving on this council, this is one of those ‘successes’ that brings me joy. This program has served so many people in our region and I am very happy about starting it.”

May 24, 2022
Patti Cole-Tindall confirmed as King County Sheriff
“I am pleased to have supported the confirmation of Patti Cole-Tindall as King County Sheriff. Sheriff Cole-Tindall brings a non-traditional background to this position, and during this period of increasing concern with lawlessness, I am committed to working with her as well as the rank-and-file uniformed officers of King County.”

May 17, 2022
Federal Way Resident Reappointed to the King County Behavioral Health Advisory Board
“Although mental health issues predate the pandemic, these issues have been exacerbated over the past two years and we have seen a growing number of children and adults seeking help. Alex’s experience as a probation/parole officer, coupled with his volunteer work for the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), provides him with a unique perspective that is a benefit to the Advisory Board, and I appreciate his willingness to continue his service.”

May 3, 2022
Councilmember von Reichbauer congratulates Patti Cole-Tindall on her nomination to be King County’s New Sheriff
“Based on my meetings with Sheriff Cole-Tindall and having watched her testify before various Council committees, I have been impressed with her straightforward assessment of the issues King County is facing as we look to stem the rising tide of lawlessness,” said King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer, who represents South King County on the King County Council. “During her time has interim sheriff, she has provided a smooth transition from an elected office to an appointed one, and her strong background in law enforcement, labor relations, and human resources, as well as her service to community, will be an asset to both the Sheriff’s Office and King County as a whole.”

April 19, 2022
South King County Residents Appointed to the King County Children and Youth Advisory Board
The Metropolitan King County Council on Tuesday unanimously confirmed the appointments of Federal Way resident Maria Fernanda Martinez Novoa and Auburn resident and city councilmember Yolanda Trout to the King County Children and Youth Advisory Board. 

March 15, 2022
Federal Way Resident, Linwood Robinson, Reappointed to Transit Advisory Commission
“As a long-time transit rider with a substantial commute from south King County to northeast Seattle, Linwood has provided a valuable perspective during his time on the Transit Advisory Commission. With traffic near pre-pandemic levels and workers returning to in-person work, Linwood’s prior experience on the Commission will be vital as King County works to determine our transit needs going forward.”

March 14, 2022
Auburn to Receive $100,000 to Assist Small Businesses and Community Groups
“These funds will help these groups get back on their feet as they begin the process of returning to pre-COVID times. I am pleased my request for funding was approved and small businesses and community groups in Auburn will soon be receiving these much-needed funds.”

March 14, 2022
Federal Way to Receive $100,000 to Assist Small Businesses and Community Groups
“Although the recovery has begun, many of our small businesses and community groups are still struggling with the impacts of the pandemic, whether it was extended closures or increased costs. These funds will help these groups get back on their feet as they begin the process of returning to pre-COVID times..."

March 14, 2022
Auburn School District to Receive $50,000 for Technology Assistance
“Although the recovery has begun, our schools are still dealing with the technological needs necessitated by hybrid learning along with trying to ensure that all students have equal access to technology. These funds will help our schools meet these challenges and provide a quality learning environmental for all their students..."

March 8, 2022
District 7 Resident Deborah Peterson Reappointed to Children and Youth Advisory Board
“With over 20 years of early-learning professional experience and 22 years of being a parent, Deborah has provided valuable input as a member of the King County’s Children and Youth Advisory Board. At a time when parents are struggling to find quality and affordable childcare, Deborah’s experience helping parents, childcare providers and caregivers navigate an often complicated environment is a tremendous asset to the Board and to King County.”

March 1, 2022
King County Council Approves Sale of Surplus Property to City of Auburn for Airport Enhancements
“I am pleased that we have been able to take property that has been unused for 14 years and to provide it with a new purpose. In selling this property to the city, we are providing a safer experience for municipal airport users and putting a languishing property to good use.”

January 29, 2021
Councilmember von Reichbauer to host Washington Federal Bank President and CEO Brent Beardall for a virtual “Good Eggs” Community Forum with South King County leaders
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer will be hosting Washington Federal Bank (WaFd) President and CEO Brent Beardall for a virtual “Good Eggs” community forum at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 2.

November 23, 2021
Keith Livingston Reappointed to King County Conservation Futures Advisory Committee
“CFT funds have helped to protect and preserve many of the environmental jewels in King County since the early 1970s. Through his continued service on this Committee, Keith will help King County maintain its position as a leader in environmental preservation.”

November 16, 2021
Councilmember von Reichbauer awards Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service to Gordan Banks
“It is my honor to present the 2021 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Medal of Distinguished Service to Pastor Gordon Banks of Overcomer Covenant Church, whose unwavering commitment to uplifting others has made a tremendous impact on the health of our community. From his work feeding over 2,000 local families at his food bank, to building housing for cancer patients in Nicaragua, Pastor Banks answers Dr. King’s question ‘What are you doing for others?’ with consistent transformative action.”

November 2, 2021
King County Council Awards Grant to Soos Creek Salmon Habitat Project
“This grant will help continue the good work the Green River Coalition has done over the past 10 years to improve water quality and fish and wildlife habitat in the Soos Creek Basin. It is critical to support these efforts and I know the Coalition’s partnership with Green River College, as well as its engagement with the local community, will be vital in promoting a healthy and thriving Basin.”

September 29, 2021
Two District 7 Residents Reappointed by Council to Advisory Boards
“Both Kathy and Orisade are valuable members of their respective Boards. I am pleased to have sponsored their reappointment and know they will continue to draw on their professional training and lived experiences to work toward creative solutions and ideas for King County.”

July 27, 2021
Amid police shortage, Councilmembers Dunn, von Reichbauer secure new funding to hire more deputies
“With crime rates rising across our region, investing in public safety is a top priority. It is critical that the Sheriff’s Office has the resources it needs to fill its vacancies quickly, and that King County is a good partner with our contract cities who rely on the Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement in their communities.”

April 20, 2021
Dawn Thomas Reappointed to the King County Personnel Board
“I am pleased that Dawn has agreed to continue her service. Her many years of experience in personnel and human resources have been an asset to the Board since she was first appointed in 2015.”

April 20, 2021
Council sends Best Starts for Kids levy renewal to voters with unanimous approval
“As Chair of the Regional Policy Committee, we worked extensively on this measure to ensure perspectives from across King County were incorporated into the proposal, and I am pleased that the voters will have this on their ballot in August.”

March 23, 2021
Auburn Residents Reappointed to Lake Geneva Management District Advisory Board
“I appreciate Trenecsia’s willingness to serve in this position. With the pandemic leading to an uptick in domestic violence in our community, her work as a Trauma and Behavioral Health Systems Coordinator will be an asset as she serves on the MIDD Advisory Committee.”

March 23, 2021
Federal Way Resident Appointed to the King County Behavioral Health Advisory Board
“As we’ve seen an increase in mental health issues over the past year, I appreciate Alex’s willingness to serve. His experience as a probation/parole officer, coupled with his volunteer work for the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), provides him with a unique perspective that will be welcome on the Board.”

March 9, 2021
Auburn Residents Reappointed to Lake Geneva Management District Advisory Board
“Dave is a founding member of the Management District and Larry is a current board member on the Lake Geneva Property Owners Association. Both are long-time Lake Geneva residents who care deeply about protecting the water quality of Lake Geneva and believe the health of the lake is of paramount concern.”

February 9, 2021
Auburn Resident Reappointed to the King County Priority Hire Advisory Committee
“At a time when finding alternatives to the traditional four-year college track is critically important, Karen’s experience with pre-apprenticeship training programs has been a valuable resource to this committee. Her willingness to serve is appreciated and welcomed.”

February 9, 2021
Federal Way Resident Reappointed to the King County Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Advisory Committee
“I appreciate Fartun’s willingness to continue serving in this position. Her first-hand insight into the mental health and substance abuse challenges faced by many of our neighbors has been an asset as she serves on the MIDD Advisory Committee.”

February 1, 2021
Auburn Mass Vaccination Site Statement from von Reichbauer
“The decision to locate this site in Auburn is data driven. We are in Auburn because when it comes to COVID-19, South King County is the belly of the beast. If we want to conquer this virus we must start here. We are currently on the ten-yard line and this site will help us reach the end zone in our fight to defeat this deadly virus.”  

January 19, 2021
Bob Elwell Reappointed to WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee
“Bob has been an asset to the King County WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee since he was first appointed in 2019. His experience with the city of Auburn and the MWPAAC has provided a valuable and needed perspective in deciding how to award grants that aim to improve water quality in King County.”  

December 8, 2020
King County Council Unanimously Confirms Three South King County Residents to King County Boards
“In a time of uncertainty, I am pleased to have three exceptionally capable individuals step forward and volunteer to serve on these important boards. Jeanne, Angela and Robyn all have a long history of public service in their communities and bring a wealth of experience and diversity that greatly benefit King County.”

November 18, 2020
von Reichbauer Amendment Secures $250,000 in King County Budget to Create Pre-Apprenticeship Priority Hire Program
“As our region continues to grow, so does the gap between the demand for construction labor and the supply of skilled trade workers in our area’s labor market...This program will place our students in an elevated position for potential employment opportunities and allow them to benefit from valuable mentorship opportunities.”  

November 10, 2020
King County Council Unanimously Confirms Three South King County Residents to King County Committees and Boards
“I am pleased that we have three such capable individuals who have graciously stepped forward to help serve their communities. Leanne, Ginger and Maryjane bring a wealth of diversity and experience to their positions and I know King County will benefit from their service.”

October 8, 2020
Glasses lost on Metro buses find new home
“When I first got elected, I learned that Metro drivers collected glasses left on buses, often discarding hundreds of glasses throughout the year. I began a program to recycle these glasses and donate them to deserving people in our community, and I am glad that we could partner with the Auburn Lions on this project.”    

September 1, 2020
Chief Carmen Best Receives Recognition at King County Council
“If we want to ensure that our law enforcement agencies reflect our communities, we need more people like Carmen Best involved in law enforcement, especially as leaders. Chief Best got involved 28 years ago, worked her way up through the ranks, ascending to the highest level of achievement through her enduring commitment to service, equality and justice. Carmen was a trailblazer, and her leadership will be missed by many in our region.”

August 31, 2020
Von Reichbauer announces $98,000 in grants for South King County sports organizations
“I am pleased to award these grants to help promote physical fitness in South King County. These grants will help provide more opportunities for recreation in our community, and I look forward to working with these organizations as the projects move forward.”

August 25, 2020
King County Committee Votes to Forward Educational Improvement Implementation Plan to Full Council
“I want to thank Dr. Alan Spicciati of the Auburn School District and Dr. Tammy Campbell of the Federal Way School District, as well as Dr. John Mosby of Highline College and Dr. Suzanne Johnson of Green River College for their strong advocacy on behalf of this plan. This funding will have a direct impact on their school districts and institutions, and improve access and outcomes across South King County.”

August 18, 2020
King County Council Unanimously Votes to Extend Operations of Route 497
“I am pleased that after working closely with the city of Auburn and Pierce Transit, we were able to reach an agreement before funding expired. This route has been a valuable resource for those commuting from the Lakeland Hills area and we now have the certainty that this route will continue to be there for our commuters in the years to come.”   

August 12, 2020
'Chief Carmen Best Day' Requested in King County by Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer
"Carmen Best is more than the police chief of our county's largest city. She has been a regional leader who has also been a trailblazer as an African-American woman in law enforcement."

May 26, 2020
Councilmembers von Reichbauer & Dunn Issue Statements Opposing Sewer Rate Increase
“As elected officials, we should question any proposed tax increases, but given the COVID-19 crisis, now is not the time for any rate increases. I have heard from both constituents and elected officials, such as Pacific Mayor Leanne Guier, who have emphasized that now is not the time to increase rates when so many of our neighbors are struggling to pay at the current rate due to economic uncertainty and financial insecurity.”

May 12, 2020
Council Approves $60M for Continued COVID-19 Response
“I am pleased that the Council took action today to help respond to this evolving emergency. This measure will help get funds into the hands of local small job-producing businesses, arts and culture organizations and more to support our region’s economic recovery.”

March 31, 2020
King County Council Passes Legislation to Support First Responders and Essential Workers
“Our first responders have been working tirelessly to keep us safe, healthy and provide essential services during the COVID-19 outbreak. The last thing they should be worried about during this crisis is finding and paying for childcare for their children.”

March 6, 2020
4Culture Call for South Sound Artists and Muckleshoot Tribal Members
4Culture, the cultural funding agency for King County, is looking for artists to help create site-specific or site-integrated artwork for the new South County Recycling and Transfer Station located in Algona, Washington. The deadline is Monday, March 16 at 4:00 p.m. PST.

February 25, 2020
Councilmember von Reichbauer awards Martin Luther King Medal of Distinguished Service to Amy and John Hatcher
“Amy and John Hatcher have planted the seeds in our community that have allowed so many organizations to bloom and flourish. Without their contributions of time and in-kind donations, so many of our community nonprofits would not have been able to provide critical resources to those they serve. John and Amy may have worked behind the scenes, but with this award, their work is finally being recognized.”

February 6, 2020
South King County Leaders Meet with CHI Franciscan CEO
CHI Franciscan CEO Ketul Patel joined King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s February “Good Eggs” breakfast at Twin Lakes Golf Club. The breakfast provided Patel an opportunity to update South King County community leaders and elected officials on the important work CHI Franciscan is doing for its patients and in the community, and discuss the future of the health care industry. 

February 4, 2020
King County’s 4Culture Agency Is Coming to Auburn
“Through its mission, 4Culture aims to preserve our shared heritage by placing art and culture at the center of our civic endeavors. For anyone thinking about applying for a grant this year or just interested in finding out more about 4Culture and the projects it supports, I strongly encourage you to stop by.” 

January 8, 2020
South King County Leaders Meet with Port of Seattle Executive Director
Port of Seattle Executive Director Stephen Metruck joined King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s January “Good Eggs” breakfast at Twin Lakes Golf Club in Federal Way. The breakfast provided Metruck an opportunity to update South King County community leaders and elected officials on the projects underway at the Port of Seattle.

December 12, 2019
$200k in Funding Approved for South King County WaterWorks Projects
“I am excited about the projects these grants will help fund in South King County. It is critical that we continue to invest in projects that keep our water and habitat clean to ensure our region continues to be an excellent place to live.”

December 11, 2019
David Osborn Appointed to Lake Geneva Lake Management District
“David Osborn brings strong qualifications to the Lake Geneva Lake Management District. The District will be well-served by his experience in microbiology and demonstrated commitment to the Lake Geneva community.”

December 2, 2019
Government Accountability and Oversight Committee to Revisit Courthouse Security
“The intent of this meeting is to bring the various stakeholders, City, County and respective justice systems, together so that we can begin to work as a united front to solve this crisis." 

November 13, 2019
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan Emphasizes Regional Collaboration to South King County Leaders
Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan joined King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s November “Good Eggs” breakfast at Twin Lakes Golf Club in Federal Way. 

November 6, 2019
King County Flood Control Board Approves $300,000 For Butte Avenue Flood Mitigation Project
“With the rainy season approaching, I am pleased we were able to appropriate these much-needed funds for such an important project in our region. From day one, our goal has been to protect the citizens and businesses who live and do business along the river and I commend Mayor Guier for her advocacy and the Flood Control Board for its funding.” 

October 23, 2019
King County Flood Control Executive Committee Directs $300,000 For Butte Avenue Flood Mitigation Project
“I am pleased we were able to expedite the funds for such an important project in our region and I appreciate Mayor Guier’s advocacy in seeing this through. From day one, Mayor Guier and King County were on the same page with our commitment to protecting the citizens of Pacific who live and work along the river.”

October 18, 2019
John Theisen receives inaugural ‘MSC Help, Hope, Change Award’
John Theisen, former President and CEO of Auburn-based Orion Industries, was presented the inaugural South King County Multi-Service Center’s (MSC) “Help, Hope, Change” Award by King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer. 

October 16, 2019
Council Confirms District 7 Resident to Solid Waste Advisory Committee
“With his background in the solid waste industry, James brings a wealth of experience to the Solid Waste Advisory Committee. This background, as well as his experience as a union representative, will be vital in helping find solutions to the issues that our recycling and garbage collection industry are facing today.”

October 3, 2019 
King County Sheriff’s Office Makes Arrest in Nearly 30-year-old Federal Way Cold Case
"The message from today’s press conference is that King County will never forget the victims of crimes, nor forgive their assailants."

September 25, 2019
County Council Recognizes September as National Recovery Month
Metropolitan King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer, Councilmember Reagan Dunn, and Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles were on Wednesday joined by their Council colleagues in recognizing September as National Recovery Month in King County. 

August 28, 2019
State Auditor Pat McCarthy Discusses Government Audits and Fraud Investigations
Washington State Auditor Pat McCarthy joined King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s August “Good Eggs” breakfast at Phoenix Rising Café in Auburn.

July 10, 2019
Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards Emphasizes “The South Sound Way”
Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards met with South King County community and business leaders at King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s July “Good Eggs” breakfast at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club in Federal Way.

July 9, 2019
$100 Million Allocated for Federal Way Light Rail Extension
“This is great news for getting light rail under construction to Federal Way. Connecting more South King County residents to our growing regional light rail system will ease painful commutes and boost our economy. Faster and more predictable transportation will produce more job growth in our region.”  

June 7, 2019
“Dave Lutes Day” Proclaimed in King County
“I feel strongly that sports are a major part of the education system, and I commend Dave Lutes for committing himself for 42 years to the Kent School district.”  

May 29, 2019
Jack Sikma Recognized for Basketball Hall of Fame Induction
As a member of the Seattle SuperSonics, Jack was selected to seven consecutive All-Star Games, from 1979 to 1985, averaging a double-double of 16.8 points and 10.8 rebounds, and shooting 47% from the field and 83% from the free throw line.  

May 24, 2019
House Majority Leader Discusses Business Development and Homelessness in South King County
Representative Sullivan highlighted the areas of emphasis for this year’s session, including mental health, higher education, workforce development, long-term care for seniors, and clean energy.

May 16, 2019
Robert Elwell Appointed to WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee
“Robert Elwell brings strong qualifications to King County’s WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee. His work for both the city of Auburn and the MWPAAC have provided him with the background and expertise to be a valuable asset to the Committee.” 

May 15, 2019
Council Approves New Layer of Accountability for Special Districts
“This legislation is a good step forward in ensuring that tax dollars collected to benefit special districts are spent on what they’ve been allocated for. From now on, the elected officials in these districts will be accountable to the public for what they spend and how they spend it.” 

May 15, 2019
County employees sent into “working retirement”
“Since first introducing the legislation to create the van transfer program 23 years ago, I have seen firsthand how well these vans serve those who need transportation access the most. King County’s van transfer program continues to be an example of government service at its very best.”

May 9, 2019
Seattle City CM Juarez Confirmed to Sound Transit Board
“As a Seattle City Councilmember on King County’s Regional Policy Committee, Councilmember Juarez is committed to working with local governments at all levels. I know she will bring that same commitment to the Sound Transit Board.”

April 24, 2019
Keith Livingston Appointed to King County Conservation Futures Advisory Committee
“By serving on this committee, Keith will have the opportunity to continue this work and to help King County maintain its position as a leader in environmental preservation.”

April 24, 2019
County Council recognizes April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month
“As we recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month in King County, it is important that we continue to work on ways to prevent this violence from happening in our communities. Sexual assault does not recognize gender or race, and information is crucial to bringing an end to this violence.”

April 18, 2019
King County Welcomes Azerbaijan Consul General 
“I was honored to welcome Consul General Aghayev to King County. This was the first step in building a meaningful relationship between us moving forward.”  

April 18, 2019
King County Executive Gives Update on the State of King County
“King County Executive Dow Constantine provided an update on the state of King County government to community leaders at the April “Good Eggs” breakfast in Auburn.”  

April 15, 2019
von Reichbauer to Host Identity Theft Mobile Town Hall and Shredding Event on Saturday, May 11 
“Bring as many documents as you would like to shred.”  

April 2, 2019
Retiring Judge James Cayce Recognized for 30 years of Service
“I am privileged to have known and worked with Judge Cayce. He has been a strong advocate for mental illness treatment and has brought an innovative approach to criminal justice issues. King County will greatly miss Judge Cayce’s service and leadership.” 

April 1, 2019
King County Metro General Manager Meeting with South King County Community Leaders Focused on Metro Connect Update
King County Metro General Manager Rob Gannon provided an update on the progress the agency has made on their “Metro Connect” goals since his last visit to South King County community leaders.  

March 28, 2019
Rotary Club of Auburn Receives Scholarship Grant
“I commend the Rotary Club of Auburn for their continued support of our region’s youth. I look forward to working with them on future projects that provide scholarships to our students!” 

March 4, 2019
Attorney General Meeting with South King County Community Leaders Focused on Consumer Protection Efforts
Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson provided an update on his ongoing efforts as Attorney General to South King County community leaders at the February “Good Eggs” breakfast. 

March 1, 2019
South King County community leaders gather for annual leadership reception
The event brings together local and countywide elected officials, community and business leaders. 

February 27, 2019
Federal Way Human Service Advocate Peggy LaPorte receives MLK Medal of Distinguished Service
“Peggy has been steadfast in her commitment to homeless families in Federal Way and her positive impact on their lives cannot be understated.”

February 20, 2019
King County Solid Waste Seeks Public Input
“This is an opportunity to help shape the design of a modern facility that will better serve the community with more recycling options and improved services.”

February 13, 2019
Federal Way Panther Lake Trail Extension to open February 26
“I am excited for the completion of the Panther Lake Trail and pleased King County could partner with the City of Federal Way on this important project.” 

January 16, 2019
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer Presented with Appreciation Award at 12th Annual Washington State Korean American Day Celebration
“In this age of the Pacific Rim, there is no greater special relationship than that of the United States and the Republic of Korea. I am honored to be recognized for my work in building bridges between our two countries.” 

January 14, 2019
King County Conservation Futures Grants Available
“The King County Conservation Futures Tax (CFT) Levy funds encourage the protection of open space lands, which have made King County such a desirable place to live.”  

January 10, 2019
Director of Public Health Discusses Priorities for 9th Largest Health Department in Country, Including Medical Van Program

December 18, 2018
2019 Youth and Amateur Grants Cycle Opens in January
Youth and Amateur Sports Grants are designed to support fit and healthy communities through investing in program and capital improvements that reduce barriers to physical activity.

December 17, 2018
King County WaterWorks Grant Program Opens
“These grants encourage the protection of some of our greatest natural treasures including the Puget Sound, our rivers and creeks and our many local wetlands.”  

December 17, 2018
Washington State Speaker of the House Joins Local Leaders to Discuss the Upcoming Legislative Session

December 10, 2018
King County Council Recognizes Dick’s Drive-In for Community Involvement and Civic Engagement

November 14, 2018
King County Budget Appropriates $3 million to Provide Resources for Low-Income Families
“For 25 years, FUSION has worked with local South King County neighbors as they have provided transitional housing and services to struggling families in our area. With the cooperation of our local neighbors, FUSION has successfully incorporated these families into condos and homes in our area.” 

November 13, 2018
Gang Unit and Massive Investments in Housing, Homeless Services, and Transportation Headline Budget
“I am pleased to join my colleagues in supporting this budget. By increasing funding for the Sheriff’s gang unit, along with adding more shelter space and providing reduced transit fares for our most vulnerable as well as increased oversight, we have listened to our constituents and responded with a budget that answers their concerns.”

November 8, 2018
Congressman Adam Smith Joins Local Leaders to Discuss Results of the 2018 Midterm Election
Smith discussed the results of the 2018 midterm election and what they mean for South King County.  

October 15, 2018
von Reichbauer Statement on Passing of Paul Allen
“Every family that comes together to watch the Seahawks play, whether in Seattle or in London, in their living rooms or at Century Link, should forever be thankful to Paul Allen and the Allen family. When there was not a lot to celebrate on the front page, the Seahawks gave us a lot to celebrate on the sports pages. 

October 4, 2018
Former Federal Way Mayor Appointed to 4Culture Board
“Jeanne Burbidge brings strong qualifications to 4Culture. As a longtime resident of Federal Way and a member of the Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation Board, Jeanne provides a much-needed perspective from the south sound region.”  

October 1, 2018
Celebrating talent in all forms
“Those with physical, developmental or other disabilities contribute to and enrich our schools, communities and workplaces. In proclaiming October Disability Awareness month, we recognize these individuals and their impact on us all.”  

September 25, 2018
King County Announces New Grant Opportunities for Unincorporated Area Projects
“These volunteer-driven projects help strengthen our communities as neighbors engage with other neighbors.”

September 20, 2018
Annual Federal Way and Auburn Boys and Girls Club Breakfast Raises a Record Breaking $71,470
The “Breakfast for Kids” is the annual fund-raiser for the Federal Way and Auburn branch of the King County Boys and Girls Club 

September 20, 2018
Puget Sound Regional Developer Joins Local Leaders to Discuss Business Opportunities and Challenges Ahead for South King County
Wallace Properties CEO Bob Wallace spoke to Auburn and Federal Way city leaders at the September “Good Eggs” breakfast.

September 10, 2018
Lasting tribute for first King County Executive
“From his stewardship in the building of the Kingdome to modernizing our county government, John left a large footprint in King County, and we will forever be following in his footsteps.”  

September 5, 2018
Statement from Councilmember von Reichbauer
“The Seattle Mariners have been good partners with King County, bringing more than 45 million people to Safeco Field over the last 19 years. This partnership has generated millions of tax dollars, created thousands of jobs, and provided countless benefits to non-profit sports programs throughout our region.”

September 4, 2018
Charles Murrell Appointed to King County Veterans Citizens Oversight Board
“Chuck Murrell brings strong civic qualifications to the VCOB. He has shown a longtime passion and dedication to improving the lives of other veterans. Chuck’s background and expertise will be a valuable asset to the Board.”

August 17, 2018
von Reichbauer announces $100,000 in grants to Federal Way National Little League, King County Aquatic Center
“I am proud that two local youth-oriented organizations have been awarded this funding.” 

August 15, 2018
Northwest Seaport Alliance CEO touts 40 percent of jobs in Washington state tied to trade
Wolfe provided an overview of the recent alliance between the Ports of Seattle and Tacoma, emphasizing the shared culture and history of their working waterfronts that helped bring the two together.  

July 30, 2018
Former Federal Way Mayor Appointed to 4Culture Board
“As a longtime resident of Federal Way and a member of the Federal Way Performing Arts Foundation Board, Jeanne provides a much-needed perspective from the south sound region.”

July 24, 2018
Local Resident Nominated by Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer Reappointed to Convention Center Public Facilities District
“At a time when the downtown Seattle area is facing tremendous growth and change, Deryl has been a great asset in keeping the Washington State Convention Center (WSCC) a strong part of our economic engine. I appreciate her vision and commitment to maintaining the reputation of the WSCC as a top-tier location for groups to meet.” 

July 23, 2018
“Retiring” county employees prepare for new adventures
“These ‘retired’ vans provide a critical lifeline for low-income, elderly, disabled and young people, by facilitating their ability to be productive and engaged members of their communities.” 

July 18, 2018
South King County Residents Needed to Fill County Boards and Commissions
“It’s important our residents in South King County feel involved in the process of government. By serving on a committee or board, our residents get to provide much needed input that benefits our community as a whole.” 

July 16, 2018
Investments benefitting homeless vets and seniors highlight adopted Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy plan
“The passage of this implementation plan is a giant step forward for King County to address our region’s homelessness crisis. The need for these funds and services has never been greater for our local communities.”

July 3, 2018
King County Transit Advisory Commission Seeks Members from District 7
The King County Transit Advisory Commission is seeking two new members from South King County who are interested in serving on the commission.

June 20, 2018
BECU CEO meets with South King County community leaders
Porter discussed the history of BECU (founded as the Boeing Employee’s Credit Union), which today is the 2nd largest depository in Washington State, highlighting the company’s culture and commitment to both its members and the community.  

May 29, 2018
Deborah Peterson Appointed to Children and Youth Advisory Board
“Through her 20 years of early learning professional experience and 19 years of being a parent, Deborah’s experience helping parents, child care providers and caregivers navigate an often complicated environment has prepared her well to serve on this Board. Her background and expertise will be a valuable asset to the Board and all of King County.” 

May 2, 2018
King County Criminal Justice Leaders Discuss “Invisible Issue” of Gun Violence in our Communities
The Prosecuting Attorney and Sheriff discussed steps they’re taking to together to identify pockets of violence in King County and prevent the spread of violence, specifically among those under the age of 25.

May 2, 2018
Learn More about Art Funding Opportunities in King County
The event is part of 4Culture’s outreach program that was launched last year to hold office hours in towns throughout King County. 

April 30, 2018
Federal Way community leader Mike Park receives MLK Medal of Distinguished Service
“In his 30 years of dedication to the city of Federal Way, both as a city councilmember and mayor, and to the Korean-American community of South King County, Mike has devoted himself to bringing people together for the greater good of his community.”

April 23, 2018
Water District gets new name
“It’s always important for a community to feel connected to its government. This ordinance allows the water district to continue providing critical services while further enhancing its connection to the people it serves.”  

April 19, 2018
Flood and Emergency Preparedness Experts Headline von Reichbauer Town Hall
The panelists spoke about their expectations for this spring’s weather as the region’s snowpack begins melting, and engaged in a discussion with audience members about different ways homes and businesses can be prepared when natural disaster strikes.

April 18, 2018
South King County legislators provide analysis of 2018 Legislative Session
The group discussed the importance of government reform as a means to restore the public’s faith in government, the need to address unfunded mandates to help local governments, and emphasized investment in K-12, job training, and higher education to attract employers and retain jobs in our communities.

March 27, 2018
Position Open on King County Conservation Futures Citizens Committee
“CFT funds have helped to protect and preserve many of the environmental jewels in King County since the early 1970s. By serving on this Committee, our citizens have the opportunity to continue this work and to help King County maintain its position as a leader in environmental preservation.” 

March 19, 2018
Rosella Mosby appointed to the King County Agriculture Commission
“Expanding on the family passion for providing locally sourced produce to the Puget Sound Region and beyond, Rosella has run a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, a farm stand and community outreach to local chefs. Her background and expertise will be a valuable asset to this Commission and all of King County.”

March 19, 2018
Leanne Guier appointed to the King County Flood Control District Advisory Committee
“I have worked closely with Leanne on flooding issues that affect our region, especially those in south King County. She has a good sense of what needs to get done and how to do it, and her experience will be an asset to the Committee.” 

March 7, 2018
Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff joins local leaders to discuss South King County projects
Sound Transit CEO Peter Rogoff joined South King County civic and business leaders to discuss the implementation of the $54 billion ST3 plan and the current status of projects in the south sound region at King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer’s March “Good Eggs” breakfast.

March 1, 2018
New Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) Parking Permit Program: Let Metro Know What You Think
“The public’s feedback is essential in helping to develop user-friendly programs and I hope that transit riders in South King County will make their voices heard regarding this proposal.”

February 21, 2018
Lands Commissioner Franz tells local leaders’ state spent $60 million in 2017 fighting forest fires
Franz spoke about her vision for the Department of Natural Resources and their work around emergency preparedness, forest fire prevention, land management and more.

February 20, 2018
James Schunke Appointed to WaterWorks Grant Ranking Committee
“James has worked in the public sector for the past 28 years and has a good understanding of how government can and should work for its citizens. His background and expertise will be a valuable asset to this Committee.”

February 7, 2018
District 7 Organizations Receive Funding through 2018 Community Service Grant Awards
“I am pleased to see neighbors in South King County come together to enhance their neighborhoods through a variety of creative activities.” 

February 5, 2018
Auburn Area Organizations to Receive $327,000 in Grants for Youth and Amateur Sports Programs
“I am pleased that the Auburn area received funding for some very worthwhile projects and programs. Keeping our youth engaged and physically active helps build stronger neighborhoods and promotes community health.”

January 30, 2018
South King County civic and community leaders assemble for annual leadership reception

January 22, 2018
King County Council recognizes special relationship with Republic of Korea; supports 2018 Winter Olympics
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer hosted a reception for new Korean Consul General, Hyung-jong Lee, who received the recognition on his nation’s behalf.

January 16, 2018
von Reichbauer statement on the passing of Gov. John Spellman
“While many today only know of the Kingdome from pictures, the Kingdome was the launching pad for both Safeco Field and CenturyLink. Without the determination of John Spellman, the Kingdome would never have existed.”

January 10, 2017
South King County Legislators join local leaders for first “Good Eggs” breakfast of 2018
Fain and Sullivan shared their insights and expectations for the 2018 session of the Washington State Legislature, as well as their thoughts on how the political shift in the State Senate would impact South King County Communities.

January 9, 2018
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer reappointed to Sound Transit Board; now longest serving member on the current board
“As someone who grew up in Pierce County and has represented the South King County region on the King County Council, I will continue to fight for the commuters of the south Puget Sound region to make sure these areas receive the funding and attention they deserve.” 

December 8, 2017
PHOTO: Director of Public Health joins South King County leaders for holiday “Good Eggs” breakfast

December 6, 2017
King County Public Officials headline von Reichbauer Town Hall
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer met with nearly 80 residents at a Town Hall on Public Health and County Services.  

November 15, 2017
PHOTO: Chief Economist meets with South King County community leaders

November 13, 2017
$1,000,000 appropriated in County supplemental budget for East Hylebos Watershed Conservation on former Weyerhaeuser Property
“I’m glad that King County will continue to partner with the City of Federal Way on conservation efforts on such a unique and historical South King County property.”  

November 6, 2017
Statement on Mass Shooting in Texas
“All people deserve to feel the utmost level of safety, especially at their place of worship. We condemn this despicable act of violence.”

October 30, 2017
TOUCHDOWN SEAHAWKS! Council Recognizes Anniversary of Community Effort to Keep the Seattle Seahawks Flying In Seattle
“The Seahawks are here today not only because Paul Allen stepped up to purchase the team, but because volunteers and voters came together to support funding for a new stadium.” 

October 30, 2017
New South County Transfer Station Closer to Reality
“Today's approval of the South King County Transfer Station is the result of strong collaboration between the stakeholders. Through a transparent and cooperative process, we were able to reach an agreement that not only benefits the city of Algona and South King County, but the region as a whole.” 

October 18, 2017
Increase of juvenile violence brings three police chiefs to “Good Eggs” breakfast meeting
Police Chiefs from Auburn, Kent, and Federal Way discussed methods to address growing juvenile gang and gun violence in our communities  

October 12, 2017
von Reichbauer Shredding Event Helps South King County Residents Prevent Identity Theft
“Events like this help inform our community about identity theft and prevent it from happening.”  

October 2, 2017
Three Councilmembers Release Joint Statement
“As citizens across this nation and world react to the tragedy in Las Vegas, we ask fellow residents of King County to join us in donating financial support to provide relief to the victims and families of this horrific act of violence.”

October 2, 2017
Celebrating talent in all forms: County Council declares October Disability Awareness Month
“In proclaiming October Disability Awareness month, we recognize the unique contributions and talents that those with physical, developmental or other disabilities bring to our community and workplaces.”

September 20, 2017
State School Superintendent Chris Reykdal joins South King County leaders at “Good Eggs” breakfast meeting
Reykdal discussed changing accountability measures for our schools and the need to move beyond a traditional 9-month school year to compete in an international economy.
August 16, 2017
U.S. Representative Adam Smith speaks to South King County leaders at “Good Eggs” breakfast
Smith discussed his policy priorities for South King County in Washington, D.C as Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, and emphasized the need to work across the aisle in Congress to get results.

August 7, 2017
von Reichbauer Recommends Decisive Actions Against “Safe Injection Facilities”
The letter recommends that cities include language preventing the location of any safe injection sites in neighboring potential annexation areas, because cities are not served well when a prohibited activity shows up across the street from the city limits.  

July 24, 2017
New careers for “retiring” County employees
“The van donations program is an example of government at its best. In their retirement, these vans provide our most vulnerable citizens with a lifeline to their neighbors and communities.”  

July 24, 2017
Transportation Secretary emphasizes critical role of transportation to economic development with local Mayors

July 18, 2017
2017 Federal Way/Auburn Boys and Girls Club Breakfast
Raises over $60,000 with University of Washington Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Hopkins

June 12, 2017
King County recognizes Todd Beamer Boys Soccer for bringing home 4A Title
“There are a lot of negative headlines about our young people, but today it’s great to have a positive story concerning students. These students are strong role models for their classmates, and a great representation for Todd Beamer High School and student athletes everywhere.”  

May 22, 2017
von Reichbauer recognizes TJ Coach Joseph Townsend for “Reaching Out and Giving Back”
“In these times, Coach Townsend exemplifies the best of our society. Recognizing that no one can go it alone, he has provided a guiding hand and a point of focus for those who are at risk of heading down the wrong path.” 

April 21, 2017
The County Line is Irrelevant When it Comes to Strengthening the South Sound Region
New Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier shared his outline with South King County leaders for Pierce County’s new course creating alliances and partnerships to benefit Auburn and South Sound Regional families.

April 18, 2017
“Lost” glasses provide sight to new owners
“Too often, the ability to see clearly is taken for granted. Whether through helping a child read, an adult succeed in her job, or a senior maintain his independence, the small act of recycling these lost glasses turns the misfortune of one into the fortune of another.”

April 4, 2017
von Reichbauer, Lions Club team up for annual Helen Keller Basketball Challenge
“I look forward to watching a competitive game between the Federal Way Police Department and South King Fire and Rescue, and am sure they will put on a great show!”

March 29, 2017
South King County Student Leaders meet civic officials Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer's annual student conference on leadership
“In order for them to prepare for their future leadership roles, I wanted to provide an opportunity for the students to hear from a cross section of today’s leaders.”  

March 23, 2017
State Agriculture Director leads panel in Auburn on state of agriculture in valley and region
Washington State Director of Agriculture Derek Sandison led a panel discussion at the event organized by King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer and held at the Auburn Performing Arts Center.

March 6, 2017
County Council Women’s History Month proclamation recognizes, celebrates the challenges and contributions of women
“Women’s history month celebrates the legacy of women who have made valuable contributions to our society. This commemoration is a reminder that by honoring and telling their stories, we can inspire our young people to follow their examples by stepping up and getting involved.” 

February 27, 2017
King County Council approves motion to direct the preservation of area around the North Hylebos Watershed
“This property is one of King County’s environmental jewels and must be protected. It was George Weyerhaeuser who said that sometimes the recreational value exceeds the value of any other land use, and sites with historic interest should be preserved for the public to enjoy. By allocating these funds, we are doing just that.”

February 22, 2017
Washington State Department of Agriculture Director Derek Sandison to Headline Panel Discussion
“Our region is known for its organic produce, colorful flowers, and much more. Our agricultural resources play an important role to our region economically and help to create a better life for all of our neighbors.”

February 13, 2017
Lands that Doreen Johnson worked to protect will now carry her name
“Doreen was a trailblazing protector of our watersheds and salmon habitat in South King County. Her passion helped preserve some of Puget Sound’s most valuable resources for today and future generations.”

February 13, 2017
South King County soccer fans join others in saluting Decatur’s Sierra Shugarts as a nominee for “Seattle Female Athlete of the Year”
“I am proud to congratulate the athletic and academic accomplishments of Decatur graduate Sierra Shugarts. Not only did her talent shine at Decatur High School, she was an integral contributor to Western Washington Soccer’s 2016 national championship.”

January 18, 2017
University of Washington President Dr. Ana Mari Cauce discusses UW’s impact with South King County Leaders
Dr. Cauce had the opportunity to discuss with South King County leaders the regional and global impact of the University of Washington along with the school’s collaboration with South King County.

January 17, 2017
“Enumclaw Fire Department” sent to County Council
“As a district which provides fire protection services and emergency aid for the City of Enumclaw and 80 square miles of unincorporated King County surrounding the city, the name of the district now more accurately reflects the area it protects.”

January 12, 2017
Electric Battery Bus Purchases Will Serve South County
“This fleet of electric battery buses is an important step forward in achieving sustainable and clean transportation to protect our environment. In the future, these buses will also serve the South King County region, including Auburn and Federal Way.”

December 15, 2016
$150,000 grant awarded to Auburn Youth Resources to support families facing imminent risk of homelessness
“This initiative directly fills a gap in services in South King County by supporting non-profits such as Auburn Youth Resources that assist families in reaching their full potential by leading healthy, productive lives.”

December 15, 2016
$150,000 grant awarded to Federal Way Multi-Service Center to support families facing imminent risk of homelessness
“The Best Starts for Kids Youth and Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative is a critical tool in our mission to end homelessness and extreme generational poverty.”

November 16, 2016
Auburn families to benefit from $500,000 grant from County Budget to YMCA
“The Auburn YMCA’s vision to meet the growing needs of South King County youth for their recreational sports activities will be accomplished with the support of King County. This new capital campaign will help the Auburn YMCA expand its impact by increasing the number of children, adults and families served by the Healthy Kids Campus.”

November 14, 2016
Commitment to public safety, homelessness and transportation highlight King County Budget
“Time and again, studies have shown that children who participate in recreational programs and sports activities become more engaged in their communities. In providing funds to update and maintain our sports facilities, we are providing our families and youth with the tools and opportunities to build stronger communities through stronger families.”

November 14, 2016
Adopted County Budget includes support for South County Youth
“Our children are our future, and we need to develop educational and recreational programs that help them become active, knowledgeable and engaged citizens. Updating and maintaining sports program facilities is paramount to providing families and youth with the tools and opportunities to build stronger communities for future generations.”

November 7, 2016
County Council recognizes the life and work of State Senator Andy Hill
“Andy truly believed in the saying that ‘you should spend the first part of your life learning, the second part of your life earning and the last part of your life serving.’”

November 1, 2016
von Reichbauer statement on Sen. Andy Hill
“He was respected by the people in his district and by the many friends on both sides of the aisle in the Legislature. His abilities and skills benefitted King County and all of the people of our state.”

October 12, 2016
von Reichbauer hosts meeting discussing long range plans for ST3 and interim solutions for traffic congestion with South King County civic leaders and King County Executive Dow Constantine

October 5, 2016
Emergency Preparedness panel dialogue with neighbors and youth at von Reichbauer town hall

September 21, 2016
von Reichbauer hosts session for Federal Way 320th merchants with Sound Transit CEO
“Listening to local operators is critical to building this center around the needs of the community.”

September 19, 2016
Recognizing sacrifice: County Council approves naming new facility at Boeing Field in honor of fallen firefighter
“Luther Dean Bonner exemplifies the best of our public service officers. When faced with imminent danger, Luther fought to contain the fire and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect others. Although long overdue, this recognition is well deserved.”

September 14, 2016
South King County leaders hear from candidates
All of the candidates had the opportunity to discuss their goals at the monthly “Good Eggs” breakfast meeting hosted by King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer.

August 17, 2016
Seattle Children’s CEO Dr. Jeff Sperring meets with South King County leaders
Sperring outlined their goal of providing more accessible healthcare opportunities for families in South King County.

August 15, 2016
County Council celebrates Liberation Day of Korea
“We celebrate this freedom from oppression -- Korean independence and the immense value of the relationship between the Republic of Korea and King County.”

August 15, 2016
Unique donation will be used to purchase land
“This generous donation will serve as an important investment in our county’s green spaces. As King County continues to develop at a rapid pace, open spaces become increasingly valuable to the health and enjoyment of future generations.”

July 28, 2016
New Ballot Drop Box unveiled at Auburn Library
“Voter turnout has been extremely low, and providing citizens the opportunity to have their voice heard through expanding additional ballot drop box locations may increase participation in the election process.”

July 21, 2016
von Reichbauer proposes use of Civic Square property for temporary homeless shelter
“Rather than continuing to allow this valuable public property to remain completely vacant, with no benefit to the public, I urge you to evaluate its possible use for a temporary homeless shelter.”

July 5, 2016
County Council Unanimously Agrees to Sell Auburn Health Clinic Property to City of Auburn for Auburn Arts Center

“I am pleased to help the City of Auburn use this surplus County property to support the arts. I want to thank 4Culture for the grant to make this vision a reality, and my colleagues on the King County Council for their unanimous support.”

June 22, 2016
Tom Messmer, Industrial Realty Group, met with South King County leaders to discuss future plans for the former Weyerhaeuser property in South King County
Participants discussed a range of potential options for the property, with the emphasis on creating more job opportunities.

June 20, 2016
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer and the King County Council recognize businessman Ron Crockett for saving thoroughbred racing in western Washington and for his philanthropy
“Ron has never forgotten where he came from or the help that he received to get there. In turn, he has transformed the lives of countless individuals with his leadership, vision and dedication, his philanthropic work in the community and his efforts to keep horse racing viable and thriving in Washington State.”

May 31, 2016
South King County’s 27th Annual Flag Day Celebration
WWII Veteran, Silver Star and Purple Heart recipient, Art Schladerman will receive a special recognition. 

May 25, 2016
Dan Satterberg discussed with South King County leaders the Prosecuting Attorney’s office new approach to the evolving environment of crime in King County
May 2, 2016
von Reichbauer: Council vote expands opportunities for potential NBA and NHL teams
“For all of the fans who want the Supersonics back, there are options other than Chris Hansen. This decision creates opportunities to look at the other potential locations for an arena.”  

May 2, 2016
County Council approves new ballot drop off boxes in District 7
“Citizens in South King County will be able to have their voices heard with the additional drop-box locations. Increasing voter participation in the election process is fundamental to the democratic process.”

April 26, 2016
Auburn and Federal Way High School Baseball Teams join Seattle Mariners General Manager Jerry Dipoto and Pete von Reichbauer to raise $50,000 at Annual Federal Way/Auburn Boys and Girls Club Breakfast
“According to recent studies, a youth incarcerated in Washington costs $132,000 per year, and early investment in our children will reduce youth incarcerations.” 

April 19, 2016
Von Reichbauer Statement on the Cancellation of the Tacoma Methanol Project
“When regional projects like this emerge in the future, I hope we pursue a regional conversation between neighboring cities and counties because the potential negative impacts do not stop at the city or county limits.”

April 12, 2016
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer and Assessor John Wilson Listen to Concerned Property Owners at Federal Way Town Hall on Property Values
Among the issues of discussed was property tax affordability for seniors and those families recovering from the challenging economy. Many seniors were concerned about being taxed out of their houses.

April 6, 2016
Kent City Council votes to rescind sale of Pine Tree Park to developer
“I want to commend the citizens of Kent for bringing this issue to my attention and for getting organized. I further want to thank the Kent City Council for acting on the concerns of their constituents by rescinding the sale of the park.”

April 4, 2016
Residents in South King County to get greater say in judicial elections
“This ordinance will unify Auburn residents divided by a county line. It creates an equitable say in the selection of district court judges, resulting in a more representative justice system.”

March 28,2016>
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer and Assessor John Wilson to host Town Halls on Property Values
“With the current economy’s ever changing real estate values and property taxes, it is important that our local property owners understand the correlation between specific levied taxes and local real estate values in their area.”

March 24, 2016
Von Reichbauer: “Sound Transit must be committed to bringing light rail to South King County”
“As a member of the Sound Transit Board of Directors, I am committed to bringing Light Rail to South King County, as well as providing vital transportation alternatives throughout the Greater Auburn and Federal Way areas. I look forward to getting feedback from South King County citizens before submitting the final package to the voters.”

March 21, 2016
King County Council presents first annual MLK Medal of Distinguished Service Award for South King County to Auburn’s Debbie Christian
“In recognition of her positive impact on the community through her efforts addressing the reality that hunger touches us all. As a volunteer for various organizations and causes, Debbie helps to keep her community a great place to live and raise families.”

March 21, 2016
King County Council Recognizes Back-to-Back State Champions Federal Way High School Boys Basketball Team and Coach Collins
“Coach Jerome Collins exemplifies a philosophy of developing players into scholar-athletes who work hard not only on the hardcourt, but also on their homework. He inspires his teams to function as a unit and empowers them to lead successful lives long after they have played the game.”

March 21, 2016
“Retiring” County employees prepare for new careers
“Twenty years ago, I introduced legislation to ‘recycle’ retired vans and help fill a community need. As a result, hundreds of non-profit organizations in King County have been able to provide transportation assistance to people with a wide range of needs. I am proud of the legacy of this program and I know that it will continue to be a critical lifeline to improve the quality of life for our neighbors in King County.”

March 2, 2016
Seattle/King County Public Health Director discusses Zika outbreak, as well as regional efforts in keeping local communities healthy

February 3, 2016
AG Bob Ferguson speaks to South King County officials at monthly “Good Eggs” meeting
Bob Ferguson reviewed the role of the Office of Attorney General, and discussed funding K-12 education, public records requests, consumer safety, and current legislative issues affecting South King County leaders at the monthly “Good Eggs Breakfast” meeting in Auburn.

February 1, 2016
King County Council adopts ordinance creating Lake Geneva Lake Management District
“This is a great example of neighbors coming together to protect the quality of their lives. Throughout this process, and through several steps, neighbors developed a funding mechanism and a strategic plan to address current issues and future activities.”

January 25, 2016
Council approves members of King County Children and Youth Advisory Board
“It is critical that we develop policies and investments that create positive impacts for children and families throughout South King County.”

January 13, 2016
Director of Economic and Revenue Forecast Council discusses Washington State’s economic growth with South King County leaders
Working together to build a strong economic region, South King County leaders met with Washington State Economic and Revenue Forecast Council Executive Director Dr. Steve Lerch to discuss Washington State’s Economic and Revenue outlook.

December 14, 2015
County Council, Elections partner in making voting more convenient and accessible
“Voter turnout has been extremely low, and providing citizens the opportunity to have their voice heard through expanding additional ballot drop box locations may increase participation in the election process.”

December 14, 2015
Council approves projects to receive $2 million in water quality grants
“Water quality plays a vital role in our region, and teaching future generations its importance will help us be good stewards to our local water systems. I am pleased to provide the City of Federal Way funds to provide an educational program implemented in several classrooms.”

December 14, 2015
County Council approves appointment of Dawn Thomas to King County Personnel Board
“Dawn Thomas comes to us with many years of experience in personnel and human resource matters. I am pleased to have someone with her depth and breadth of knowledge on the Board.”

November 23, 2015
Preserving, renovating and creating art and heritage facilities in Auburn and Federal Way
“Today’s vote will help strengthen the arts and heritage programs of South King County and confirms the importance these arts centers will have on our region. These centers will be great venues for cultural events benefiting visitors of all ages, and will enrich the lives of future generations.”

November 18, 2015
47th Legislative District members guest at “Good Eggs” Breakfast

November 9, 2015
County Council recognizes Green River College’s “Golden Anniversary”
“For the past 50 years, Green River College has brought students throughout South King County and all over the world together to learn, grow and enrich their lives. The board of trustees, faculty and staff continue to support students in programs vital to our local economy, including Aviation Technology and Information Technology. Go Gators!” 

October 21, 2015
Discussing Metro’s vision for future transportation needs  

October 19, 2015
Council approves transit route overhaul
“Increasing bus service in south King County will help provide more efficient and easier commutes for many local residents going to and from Seattle. As our commute times get longer and more congested, it is critical to develop viable options for our commuters.”

October 12, 2015
County Council celebrates and recognizes value of workers with disabilities
“It is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure that every individual in our community has access to basic services and the opportunity to obtain employment, regardless of disability. By empowering our community, these individuals stand to gain a wealth of knowledge and self-worth that will encourage them to positively contribute to society.”

July 28, 2015
Former teacher, Lee Ann Prielipp of Federal Way appointed to Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustees
“Lee Ann brings to the Harborview Medical Center Board a strong, analytic background from her involvement in educational organizations and her service on state-wide boards.”

July 20, 2015
County Council unanimously confirms appointment of Patty Hayes as Director of Public Health – Seattle & King County
“Last year, Patty Hayes and leaders of South King County worked together to keep the Auburn and Federal Way Public Health clinics open. These clinics are vital to provide the most vulnerable members of our community with much needed healthcare, and her leadership helped keep these clinics open.”

July 6, 2015
Councilmember von Reichbauer presents WSU Regent with recognition honoring the late WSU President Elson Floyd
“President Floyd was a man for all seasons, and an advocate for all sections of our state. He was a true visionary—and his vision was for the entire state.”

June 23, 2015
Federal Way Street named “Pete von Reichbauer Way S” during Federal Way’s 25th Anniversary Celebration
“I feel sorry for the officer who has to write a traffic ticket listing the street, but am grateful to the city of Federal Way.”

June 17, 2015
King County Sheriff John Urquhart meets with South King County leaders at monthly Good Eggs Breakfast roundtable discussion
June 15, 2015
South King County’s 26th Annual Flag Day Celebration honors Korean General Nam Pyo Park
“On this day we recognize the meaning of the American Flag and all that it represents. We salute our flag and give thanks to all of those who have served, whether it be in the military or as public safety officers, to protect the freedoms that we enjoy.”

June 15, 2015
County Council approves new priorities for assisting children and youth
“We must engage youth in leadership programs at a young age to help them become better citizens as adults.”  

June 8, 2015
Council recognizes program supplying retired County vans to organizations throughout the region
“In 1996, I introduced legislation which transferred used passenger vans to nonprofit organizations and local governments that meet the needs of low-income, elderly, disabled and young people in our community. Retired vans will continue to provide critical lifelines to local nonprofits, and improve the quality of life for many of our region’s residents.”

May 26, 2015
von Reichbauer presents largest eye glasses donation to Federal Way lions Club in honor of Sharon Darrigan
"Being in a position to provide proper eyewear to those who need it most is an exceptional privilege. It is an even greater honor to donate the largest amount of glasses to date in honor of Bob Darrigan’s late wife, Sharon Darrigan.”

May 13, 2015
Senator Joe Fain, Sound Transit’s Mike Harbour special guests at Good Eggs Breakfast in Federal Way
“Looking toward the future, transportation needs in South King County is vital to our region’s economic development to recruit job-producing businesses to our communities, and also provide commuters a reliable mode of transportation to and from work. Providing information on many issues facing South King County in a timely manner is key to creating a strong foundation to build on.”

May 11, 2015
Recognizing officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“In discussing police work, there has been far too much discussion of race and not enough about service. Black and white officers have recently been shot at or killed in the line of service to their communities. This proclamation is a small token of respect for those who serve us every day in uniform.”

May 6, 2015
Jim Zorn helps raise over $60,000 at Boys & Girls Club Breakfast
“I am pleased with the amount we were able to raise for South King County kids. Youth programs like the Boys & Girls Club help keep our youth out of the juvenile justice system and offer stable after-school programs that help shape their future.”

May 1, 2015
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer receives Bill Kyle Service Award
“Receiving this award from Bill's granddaughter, Cristina Orsini and his widow, Dolores Kyle made it even more personal and special. The Chamber named this award for Bill Kyle because of his service to the City of Auburn and the Green River Valley.”

April 27, 2015
von Reichbauer statement on proposed Tukwila arena
“Ray Bartoszek not only brings his ideas to the table, he brings his own wallet.”

April 27, 2015
County employees prepare for “working retirement” Council approves transfer of surplus vanpool van to organizations throughout King County
“Over the last two decades countless young adults, senior citizens, and disabled members of our community have benefitted from the van donation program. As the original sponsor of this program in 1995, I look forward to its future support of so many worthwhile programs in King County.”

April 27, 2015
Collaboration for the next generation: County Council hears from County Executive on efforts to assist young people

“Programs discussed by Executive Constantine today highlight the social needs we face as King County Councilmembers.”

April 15, 2015
Flood District Chair Reagan Dunn speaks at Good Eggs Breakfast meeting in Auburn discussing flooding issues in South King County
“Today, we continue the work we started in 2007 with the development of the King County Flood District, to protect citizens and property from injury and damage from natural disasters. The Green River Valley plays a major role in the economy of the Puget Sound Region, and helping to protect it in the case of flooding is vital to the safety and economic stability of the region.” 

April 1, 2015
von Reichbauer statement on Larry Phillips
“The experience Larry brought to the Council included working for the King County Executive and serving in the state legislature. That experience has been put to great use by Larry in his work on the County Council and for not only his constituents, but all of King County.”

March 18, 2015
Councilmember von Reichbauer hosts King County Assessor Lloyd Hara at monthly breakfast meeting
Hara discussed with community leaders from South King County how property values are assessed and the work they do to determine property values. Through physical inspections, current real estate market, and any levy that is connected with that location is used to determine a property’s tax valuation.

March 3, 2015
Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer to Receive Municipal League Public Official of the Year Award
“I am particularly honored to receive this award because two previous recipients were personal friends and professional heroes of mine. Dr. Bill Gerberding served as President of the University of Washington from 1979 to 1995, and continued to serve our region until we lost him this past December. King County Prosecutor Norm Maleng was a respected national leader in criminal justice reform, who never lost touch with his hometown roots.”

February 11, 2015
von Reichbauer welcomes Attorney General Ferguson for monthly Good Eggs breakfast

January 26, 2015
Metropolitan King County Council declares "See Blue Week"
“Without owner Paul Allen stepping up to purchase the Seahawks after a period of lost games and losing attendance, our region would not be able to experience this dream together as a family united under the banner of 12. With 7,000 nonprofit organizations supported and over 1,000 community service appearances, the Seattle Seahawks under Paul Allen are showing what a class act organization is supposed to look like on and off the field.”

January 21, 2015
Skittles for Speaker Chopp
In the first Good Eggs Breakfast of 2015, Metropolitan King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer welcomed Representative Frank Chopp (D-Seattle), Washington State Speaker of the House. Chopp gave local civic leaders an inside look at the challenging 2015 legislative session.
November 17, 2014
Auburn Benefits from the Passage of the 2015-2016 King County Operating & Capital Budget
“By working together as partners with the City of Auburn, we were able to preserve the clinic, which will continue to provide important services to those most in need. The allocation of funds during the budget process was extremely competitive and difficult, but I am happy to see that the negotiations resulted in this support for the City of Auburn.”

November 17, 2014
King County Council approves 2015-2016 Budget
“I am happy that South King County will benefit from the 2015-2016 budget. Federal Way is experiencing robust growth and these funds will continue to help our community and provide job training and educational services for our most vulnerable citizens.”
November 17, 2014
King County’s first biennial budget highlights secure families and communities as it meets mandated responsibilities
“The allocation of funds during the budget process was extremely competitive and difficult, but by working together I am happy that negotiations resulted in critical financial support for needed services in South King County. We need to support organizations which provide educational opportunities, retraining and jobs for those most in need living in South King County.”

November 13, 2014
von Reichbauer: “Ron Crockett saved horse racing”
“There should be a statue of Ron Crockett at Emerald Downs commemorating his risk and commitment to save the horse racing industry in Washington State.”

September 15, 2014 
Council adopts legislation establishing new regulatory system for Transportation Network Companies
“After months of public hearings and meetings with interested parties, I believe we have crafted a piece of legislation that the stakeholders can be pleased with. This legislation brings King County in step with the City of Seattle and will provide the consumers, companies and drivers with a new level of protection and certainty.”

September 2, 2014
von Reichbauer secures over 2,500 unclaimed glasses for the Auburn Lions Club, benefitting families in need
“When I was first elected to the County Council I asked Metro what happened to the unclaimed eye glasses that are often left behind on their buses. I was told that the unclaimed glasses were thrown away. Since then I have collected thousands of prescription and sun glasses for donation to South King County organizations, helping families in need.”

August 26, 2014
von Reichbauer on Weyerhaeuser moving to Seattle: South King County will “make lemonade out of lemons”
“We want to learn from the lessons of Russell's departure from Tacoma to Seattle and work together to insure that this site continues to create jobs and economic development for our region.”

August 22, 2014
von Reichbauer awarding scholarships for 9/11 essay
von Reichbauer is asking young people to send an essay—500 word maximum—on the topic of why it is important for our community to commemorate September 11, 2001?

June 2, 2014
County Council recognizes Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks
“Whether on the field or off the field, the Seahawks have made our region proud. The commitment to excellence began with Paul Allen’s personal commitment to the public in 1997, and continues today in the dedication John Schneider and Pete Carroll bring to work 365 days of the year.”

May 27, 2014
New careers for hard working county employees: Council approves transfer of surplus vanpool van to organizations throughout King County
“I am pleased that this program I started is continuing to donate vans to local worthy agencies which support our youth, elderly, and underrepresented populations. I’m especially excited about the vans that will be used by several outstanding organizations in south King County to provide aid to at-risk youth.”

May 21, 2014
South King County Official joins Seahawks at White House ceremony; promotes 12th Man pride

“I am honored to join the World Champions at the White House today to celebrate their achievement on the field.”

May 19, 2014
Korean Consul General Moon Duk-ho honored with King County Council Recognition
“King County has developed a special relationship based on strong economic, social and cultural ties, through times of peace and war. We support the efforts in continuing to build strong bridges between the Republic of Korea and King County.”

May 12, 2014
Von Reichbauer discusses regional park needs with Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and U.S. Rep. Adam Smith
“As a State Senator, I had the privilege of Chairing the Senate Parks & Recreation Committee, so I enjoyed discussing our regional recreational needs with Secretary Jewell.”

May 7, 2014
Bellevue Civic Leader Kemper Freeman Shares Insights with South King County Leaders about Developing Vibrant Downtowns in Auburn and Federal Way
“Kemper has done incredible things for the City of Bellevue, both in business and in the community. Today, South King County is facing many of the same issues that confronted Bellevue decades ago, and I am optimistic that our leaders can learn from the lessons Kemper Freeman shared.”

April 23, 2014
Federal Way and Auburn Boys and Girls Club “Breakfast for Kids” hosts Mariners Lloyd McClendon
“It was a privilege to hear Lloyd speak about the positive impact the Boys and Girls club had on his life. He has a real heart for kids and is invested in not only their success, but the success of programs we offer here in South King County.”

April 18, 2014
King County Councilmember Welcomes New Consul General of Korea to South King County, Pauses to Remember Victims of Korean Ferry Tragedy
“It was an honor to meet Consul General Moon and introduce him to South King County leaders, and I look forward to developing our relationship as he continues to serve in Seattle.”

April 16, 2014
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer sponsors Auburn Chamber Luncheon with Sen. Joe Fain and Rep. Pat Sullivan
“There are 49 Legislative Districts in Washington State, and 48 of them would welcome having Rep. Sullivan and Sen. Fain as their Legislators. They both put the public interest above political interest.”

April 14, 2014
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer Sponsors Veterans’ Job Fair and Town Hall Meeting on April 22 in Federal Way
“Unemployment and underemployment are too high in Washington State, and especially in South King County. As more and more veterans return from overseas, I want to do what I can to ensure these returning service members are able to find civilian employers who will value their extraordinary skills and discipline. There is no greater service one can provide to a veteran than helping him or her find a job.”

February 24, 2014
King County Council passes von Reichbauer’s Legislation adding Pacific Raceways to State Investment List
“I am pleased that this legislation, which will bring new and sustained jobs to our region, passed the Council today. I look forward to watching Pacific Raceways create new jobs and develop new green technologies.”
February 24, 2014
Council adopts plan to place human trafficking information in key locations across King County
“Human trafficking is abhorrent; it is 21st century enslavement. While we must continue to fight this humanitarian tragedy, I am pleased that today the Council took this step toward helping victims and raising public awareness.”

January 27, 2014
County Council, Executive join “12th Man” in shouting GO HAWKS!!!
“12 is more than a number. It means reaching out and bringing others into the process. It’s not just the players of the field; it’s the people in the community who come together to bring about the success.”

January 22, 2014
Federal Way honors von Reichbauer with “Key to the City;” praised for local service and saving Seahawks
“To be the first recipient of this award is a real privilege. My work would not have been possible without the help of the many people I have partnered with over the years.”

January 15, 2014
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer hosts King County Chief Economist Dr. Dave Reich, Ph.D. for an Economic Forecast Breakfast in South King County
“I am pleased with the signs of economic recovery in South King County. Creating new jobs and improving home values remains my top priority.”

January 6, 2014
King County Councilman Pete von Reichbauer reappointed to Sound Transit Board of Directors
“Although there is still progress to be made, more and more Sound Transit projects are being completed early and under-budget. During my next four years, I look forward to not only improving the quality of service, but continuing the work to finally bring light rail to Federal Way.”

December 16, 2013
Colleagues recognize, say goodbye to Councilmember Julia Patterson
“I have worked with Julia as a legislator and as a Councilmember for many years, and one only has to spend a few minutes with Julia Patterson to realize how deeply she cares about her constituents. I wish her much happiness in all her future endeavors.”

September 19, 2013
von Reichbauer: Yamauchi’s legacy is generations of Mariner fans
“When you think of Edgar Martinez, Ken Griffey, Jr., Randy Johnson and other Seattle Mariners, remember that we would not have those memories without Hiroshi Yamauchi’s commitment to keep baseball in Seattle.”

September 18, 2013
Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl joins South King County representatives for monthly “Good Eggs” meeting

September 11, 2013
von Reichbauer join South King Fire and Rescue in remembrance of 9/11
“remember… reflect…and rededicate.”

August 26, 2013
Reports shows levy funds increased self-sufficiency for veterans and others in need
“The Veterans and Human Services Levy is providing much needed housing assistance, as well as vital treatment and support services for our returning veterans, aging veterans and other families in need across our county.”

August 20, 2013
KIRO-TV anchor Steve Raible to emcee 3rd Annual “Reach Out” Fundraiser on September 24
“I am proud of the efforts of our “Reach Out” volunteers and look forward to assisting the organization, along with my friend Steve Raible, in meeting our goal of addressing homelessness, and poverty in South King County.”

July 22, 2013
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer congratulates Pacific Raceways on a successful weekend of racing
“More than 100,000 race fans came to South King County, stayed in our hotels, shopped in our stores, and ate in our restaurants, which in-turn brought in significant tax revenue to King County.”

July 22, 2013
County Council honors veterans of the “Forgotten War”
“The legacy of joint service forged between the American veterans of the Korean War and the Korean people has fostered a special relationship between the Republic of Korea and the United States of America, which unites us not only through our common values, but economically and militarily as well. As a Councilmember who represents a large Korean-American population, I am especially pleased to recognize the 60th anniversary of the Korean Armistice, and the incredible sacrifices made by our veterans.”

June 24, 2013
King County honors first group of HERO Program graduates
“Our veterans have served our country with honor and I am pleased with the results of the HERO Program. These internships give our veterans meaningful jobs, and will help them develop new skills which will give them an advantage in today's competitive job market.”

June 11, 2013
Council adopts legislation ensuring equity for all County employees serving in the military
“As a veteran, I understand firsthand the strains put on our troops and their families while they’re on deployment. I’m proud to co-sponsor this legislation to ensure service members no longer have to worry about being treated unfairly while they’re overseas in defense of our nation.” 

June 11, 2013
von Reichbauer Town Hall meeting to focus on property valuations
“With the current economy’s ever changing real estate values and property taxes, it is important that our local property owners understand the correlation between specific levied taxes and local real estate values in their area.”

May 20, 2013
King County Council Honors Congressman Norm Dicks
“I’ve worked with Congressman Norm Dicks for many years. His dedication to our active duty and retired military personnel has always impressed me. Whether as a staff member for Sen. Magnuson or as a Member of Congress, Veterans in Washington State knew they had a friend in Norm Dicks.”

May 20, 2013
King County proclaims Emergency Medical Services Week
“I continue to be impressed by the work of our first responders in King County. In addition to the progress made with improved access to AED’s, I also believe it is important to continue promoting a healthy lifestyle and routine cardiovascular checkups.”

May 13, 2013
County Council recognizes officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice
“Every week should be police week in honor of the men and women in uniform who put their lives on the line 52 weeks out of the year.”

May 6, 2013
Boundary change for city of Algona will allow for improved safety and bicycle access
“This boundary change is very important to the residents of Algona, and I want to thank Mayor Dave Hill for his work. The city of Algona can now complete their construction project on time, which will improve safety and provide bicycle access.”

May 6, 2013
County Council approves blueprint for emergency medical service system
“King County has set the gold standard in response time and quality of service. If residents had to choose between Medic One and King County government, I know which would win.”

April 29, 2013
Council sends proposed parks levy to August ballot
“It is critical that voters be given the opportunity to vote on funding for our county park system.”

April 8, 2013
Recognizing the fallen: Council adopts plan to create King County Sheriff Deputy’s memorial
“Our law enforcement officers put their lives on the line in service to others every day. This memorial will serve as a reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by many officers and as a place of reflection for their families.”

March 26, 2013
Secure Document Shredding at Federal Way Town Hall

March 26, 2013
Secure Document Shredding at Auburn Town Hall

March 13, 2013
Preventing identity theft focus of von Reichbauer Town Hall meetings in Auburn and Federal Way
“With their private information made public, Biden and Clinton prove it can happen to anyone. I want my neighbors to know what they can do to protect themselves and resources are available to them if their private information is compromised.”

March 6, 2013
von Reichbauer presented awards at 2013 PAC-12 Men’s and Women’s Swimming Championships

February 11, 2013
King County Council appoints Rod Dembowski to fill vacancy in County Council District 1
“I am very pleased to have Rod Dembowski joining us on the council. Rod’s ability to work well with others his previous legal work will serve the constituents of the 1st District well.”

February 5, 2013 
Councilmember von Reichbauer to host Town Hall on Domestic Violence
“I’m holding this town hall forum with experts in the field and community leaders and providing the public with the most current resources available. We will provide an opportunity for all questions to be answered and to consider action if necessary.”

February 4, 2013
County Council ready to focus on Executive’s plans to strengthen King County’s “infrastructure”
“I look forward to working with Executive Constantine and members of the county council in moving forward with assisting veterans and their families receive the benefits they’ve earned as well as reducing violence in all forms. As we move hopefully out of this recession, it’s important we all work together to create job opportunities for the citizens of King County.”

January 14, 2013
King County and coalitions promote awareness of human trafficking
“Human trafficking is not just a part of our history, but also a part of our current affairs. It must be stopped.”

January 14, 2013
Colleagues recognize, say goodbye to Councilmember Bob Ferguson
“Bob takes to Olympia a wonderful understanding of local government and will work well with county prosecutors throughout our state.”

December 10, 2012
County Council acts to protect emergency services in city of Pacific
“The public should not suffer because politicians cannot agree amongst themselves. Our role as public servants is to make sure there is a safety net for King County taxpayers. With this legislation, King County can provide a seamless transition of critical services for the city of Pacific, if necessary.”

December 10, 2012
Council adopts state legislative agenda that focuses on increasing revenue options, sustaining safety net
“Our top priority is making sure those most in need and our robust and dynamic economy flourish. This legislative agenda focuses funding on keeping our communities safe, improving our infrastructure, and preserving sustainable health and human services.”

November 13, 2012
Meeting current needs, focusing on the future: County Council adopts 2013 King County Budget
“The 2013 King County budget reflects a continued commitment to make county government function more efficiently, and to work in partnership with private businesses to address our constituent’s concerns in our communities. Government works best when we all work together.”

November 5, 2012
Council calls for an accountable and integrated health and human services plan
“Moving forward, our goal is to keep costs down while increasing coordination and integration across a variety of health and human services.”

October 29, 2012
Council adopts internship program for military “HEROS” in King County
“Our veterans have served this country honorably and programs like this allow for our county to serve our veterans. These internships give our veterans jobs, and hopefully propel them for long-term success in the workforce.”

October 15, 2012
County Council adopts amended SODO arena plan
“The environmental and economic reviews will be rigorous and complete and may consider other locations including the Seattle Center and Bellevue in an effort to make certain we are locating the arena in the best possible location. If the process is fair and complete, then there will be broad support for the conclusions that are reached.”

September 17, 2012
Council approves working “retirement” for County vans
“This program is a tribute to King County’s ability to think outside the box and continue to give back to our communities, particularly in South King County.”

September 11, 2012
von Reichbauer: City arena agreement “positive step”
“While it is too early to hoist a green and white flag on top of the Space Needle, these amendments represent a positive step forward in returning the NBA to our region.”

August 27, 2012
King County Council recognizes 30 Years of Conservation Futures
“The Conservation Futures program is unique because it transcends generations. Its impact has been felt over the last thirty years in South King County, and it will continue to flourish and preserve King County’s farmland, forests, parks, and all open space for generations to come.”

July 16, 2012
County Council recognizes accreditation of fingerprint lab
“Our region is safer and more secure thanks to the excellent work of the King County AFIS program and its staff members. Achievement of international standards in fingerprint identification only proves that our AFIS staff members are committed to justice, and their dedication is critically important for protecting all citizens of King County.”

July 9, 2012
von Reichbauer calls for review of legal costs for proposed arena project
In his letter to the Prosecutor, von Reichbauer said it would help in his in his evaluation of the proposed deal if he knew the the numbers of hours attorneys in the Prosecutor’s Office have spent reviewing the agreement and the approximate cost.

July 9, 2012
Raising awareness, assisting victims: Council unanimously adopts Human Trafficking public awareness campaign
“We need to engage our communities through increased awareness and expand outreach to victims of exploitation. This campaign marks an important beginning in combatting the growing problem on human trafficking.”

June 27, 2012
King County Executive proposes $100,000 to continue 4-H youth programs
"Restoring financial support for the 4-H Club is beneficial for all of King County, particularly South King County youth. This valuable organization has more than just an agricultural focus. For many young people in rural, suburban, and urban communities around King County, 4-H provides much-needed programs in science, leadership, personal, and community development, and healthy living. I believe the services that 4-H provides are critical to the development of youth within our county, and that maintaining funding for the organization is within the best interest of the residents of our region." 

June 19, 2012
Arena investor Chris Hansen presents to Council Budget Committee
“Chris Hansen's personal passion for basketball and his commitment to bringing back the Sonics makes him the best advocate for this arena proposal. My job is to be the best advocate for the taxpayers of South King County and enable them to express their views on the matter by providing the opportunity to vote on the proposal to build this third arena in the SODO area.”

June 19, 2012
Port of Seattle representatives, labor urge caution on proposed SODO Arena
“Adding a third stadium in the SODO District will impact many different players in our region, and I believe that we need to do our due diligence to be certain that it’s the best proposal and site for everyone involved.”

June 11, 2012
Councilmembers advocate prevention of elder abuse
“I applaud the effort to increase awareness of elder abuse and educate our community about the services available to those who are victims of mistreatment or exploitation. This proclamation is the first step toward educating the public about protecting the elderly community in our region.”

May 29, 2012
County Council creates new opportunity for public comment at Council meetings
“Government works best when the lines of communication between constituents and their elected officials are freely accessible. I am very pleased to support a measure that gives all our citizens the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns without restriction to specific legislation.”

May 21, 2012
Greater community access, engagement part of Council’s equity and justice goals for 2012
“I appreciate the efforts of this program to reach out to and engage with the members of our region who need our help the most.”

May 7, 2012
Arrival of RapidRide service in Ballard and West Seattle highlight adopted September transit service changes
“The changes to Metro Transit Services will increase its overall efficiency by reinvesting 100,000 hours of lower performing routes into higher-performing routes. This will allow tax dollars going towards public transportation to serve a higher percentage of Metro riders.”

April 16, 2012
Council sends proposed levy increase for construction of Children and Family Justice Center to August ballot
“The King County Youth Center is a building that has served its useful life. I support sending the proposal to build a new Children and Family Justice Center to the voters of King County.”


April 2, 2012
Council honors Amalgamated Transit Union for 100 years of service to King County
The Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 587, representing more than 4,000 bus drivers and transit operators, was recognized today by the King County Council for 100 years of serving public transportation needs in King County

March 26, 2012
County Council thanks King County Sheriff Sue Rahr
"Sheriff Sue Rahr set the standard high for the men and women of the force but she especially showed the great heights women can achieve in law enforcement."

March 19, 2012
Council approves creation of pilot project for Pacific Raceways site
"This is a project that will bring jobs and economic growth to the region without costing taxpayers. The improvements to Pacific Raceways will be an economic boost to the region and provide safe clean fun for those who enjoy motor sports."

January 30, 2012
Council adopts transit service changes that invests additional service hours on high use bus routes
"In reducing low performing bus service we will be better able to provide the much needed additions to areas that are underserved and overcrowded."

November 9, 2011
County Council approves "humane, efficient" 2012 King County Budget
"This budget reflects the challenging economic climate facing all of King County's citizens. In the end, we have created a fair and humane budget while confronting the tough decision for our future."

October 24, 2011
Council approves funds to maintain and expand 737 production in Washington
"This funding represents the county's commitment to keeping aerospace jobs in our region."

October 21, 2011
Statement from County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer on the passing of Senator Scott White
"While Scott and I represented different portions of the County and had different political backgrounds, I considered him a close friend and ally in making government accountable in our region."

August 30, 2011
County leaders unite on anti-gang violence initiative
"South King County has become a battleground for some gangs from other areas of the Puget Sound region. We must present a unified front - urban, suburban and rural - to fight this growing problem."

August 19, 2011
King County Councilmember Pete von Reichbauer holds informational town hall on Pacific Raceways legislation

August 15, 2011
Councilmembers "disappointed" by Council's decision to deny public vote on car tabs
"Voters have made it known through the initiative process that they wish to cap car tab fees, and I believe that any altering of this should be done by a vote of the people."

August 11, 2011
Councilmember von Reichbauer to host informational Town Hall on Pacific Raceways legislation
"This informational meeting is not to provide a forum for debate between proponents and opponents of Pacific Raceways expansion. Instead, this will be an opportunity for the community to present questions and have them answered by professional county staff."

July 25, 2011
County Council approves eligibility criteria for detention alternative for criminal defendants awaiting trial
"This legislation will enhance public safety by reducing the liability of dangerous individuals reentering our communities while they await trial."

July 11, 2011
New vision for public transportation in King County with Council adoption of transit strategic plan
"These changes implemented by the transit strategic plan reflect the critical reviews that are being made by our local government in an effort to operate in a sustainable and productive way."

June 22, 2011
von Reichbauer recommends Auburn resident to King County Mental Health Advisory Board

March 9, 2011
Regional leaders support renewal of King County Veterans and Human Services Levy
"The Veterans and Human Services Levy has helped improve and widen access to services for veterans and others in King County. The support for the Levy is a reflection of the commitment of our citizens to the service of veterans in our region."

February 28, 2011
Councilmembers, Executive ready to work together toward "One King County"
"The Executive has shown a willingness to reach out to all constituencies in the County. Today's address focused on the importance of our suburban, rural and unincorporated communities."

February 14, 2011
County Council recognizes history and contributions of African-Americans
"Black History Month gives us the opportunity to acknowledge the life contributions and accomplishments of African-American people throughout the history of our nation. And every February we are able to reach more people and establish relationships with other cultures through the knowledge and understanding of Black History Month."

January 7, 2011
Dunn, von Reichbauer: Governor's ferry plan won't float
"This is a Trojan horse that should not be permitted in. King County is struggling to maintain basic services and we do not need nor can we afford this."

January 3, 2011
Bipartisan coalition introduces proposal for renewal of Veterans and Human Services Levy
"It is important that we do everything we can as a community to help serve those who have served us, because there is no greater calling for the citizens of this country than to look after and care for those brave individuals who have served under our flag and sacrificed themselves to protect us."

September 7, 2010
Council approves sending County vans into "working" retirement
"King County's retired van donation program is a terrific way for the county to assist those non-profit organizations who play a vital role in elevating the quality of life throughout our region. I know the vans will have a fulfilling retirement transporting those who need them the most."

June 28, 2010
Council requests Space Shuttle for Museum of Flight
"Our region has a rich history of aviation going back to the vision of Bill Boeing. The Museum of Flight is a fitting retirement place for one of this nation's pioneering space shuttles."

May 24, 2010
Councilmembers propose "Tax Neutral" solution to County budget crisis
"If you are serious about voting and Democracy, you can't play games with election dates. A proposal of this magnitude must go on the ballot when the majority of citizens are participating."

May 24, 2010
County Council recognizes Memorial Day by pledging continued support for King County employees
in the National Guard and Reserve

"It is important to recognize the county employees who are not only serving King County citizens through their work here, but who are also protecting county citizens through their military service. It is an honor to acknowledge local National Guard and Reserve personnel who play such an important role in keeping our military strong and our country safe."

May 10, 2010
County Council recognizes Patrick Dempsey and Team Seattle Racing for generous support of Children's Hospital
"Some people use their celebrity to be someone. Patrick Dempsey is using his celebrity to do something--and in this case it is to benefit our region and Children's Hospital."

April 26, 2010
County Council joins effort to expand North Cascades National Park
"I have always been an advocate of opportunities to protect and preserve our environment. We live in a region rich in natural resources from sea shores to mountain peaks; the outdoors is what makes the Pacific Northwest a sought after place to call home."

March 22, 2010
Repair of Federal Howard Hanson Dam a priority: Council calls on Congress to act on funds for interim and permanent fix
"The valley is the second largest warehouse and distribution center on the West Coast. The impact of flood waters will go well beyond the borders of King County and this is why we are calling on Congress. It is of immediate importance that we secure federal funding for both the interim and permanent fix for the Howard Hanson Dam."

March 8, 2010
Councilmembers encouraged by "Blueprint for Reform" presented by County Executive
"I am impressed with the substantive strategic plan that Executive Constantine and his staff put forth today. I agree with his focus on government reform; King County can best respond to the fiscal crisis by reforming how it does business."

January 4, 2010
Council appoints Jan Drago to fill vacancy in Council District 8
"The residents of King County will benefit from Jan's experience, especially when it comes to addressing the 2011 budget,"

December 14, 2009
Council approves new life for "retired" vans
"These organizations work hard to make every dollar stretch. I know these vans will have a fulfilling retirement transporting those who need them the most."

November 16, 2009
King County Council adopts tax-neutral financing that maintains Metro bus service despite steep decline in revenues
"Government must do what families across the region are doing during this trying economic time - prioritize and live within our means. This will ensure that bus service, which is the backbone of our public transportation system, continues to be is a cost-saving option for residents in our region."

November 9, 2009
GOAL!!! King County Council backs Seattle's bid to host World Cup
"South King County's long history of neighborhood soccer programs and the success of the Sounders confirms that we live in a region that embraces the game of soccer. Hosting the World Cup would further establish King County as an international hub for culture, sports, and commerce."

October 19, 2009
Council authorizes emergency funding for relocation of County services and protection of County facilities in flood-threatened Green River Valley
"If flood waters strike there will be limited time to react to keep our facilities out of harm's way. This decision assures that the County's vital services such as wastewater treatment will continue their primary responsibility of serving the homes and business in the Green River Valley."

October 12, 2009
"Mega-shelters" being scouted to house up to 5,000 potential evacuees from the Green River Valley in the event of flooding from the federal Howard Hanson Dam
"King County's partnerships with federal, state, and local organizations are essential in the effort to establish operations that are safe and sanitary, and that provide food, transportation and most importantly information to help flood victims start the recovery process."

October 5, 2009
Council told that interim repairs to federal Howard Hanson Dam expected to be done by November 1
"Col. Wright has informed us about the work being done on the federal level to reduce the potential of a catastrophic flood. But even with these preparations, it's vital that preparation on a state, local and neighborhood level continue. That cooperation will ensure the safety of the people who live and work in the Green River Valley."

October 5, 2009
King County Council Recognizes Federal Way AmeriCorps Program

September 16, 2009
Council briefed on cooperation, evacuation, recovery and mitigation in Green River flood zone
"Today's briefing is an example of the necessary dialogue that must continue between all levels of government as the Green River Valley region prepares for possible flooding. These coordinated partnerships will assure the residents and businesses of the region that every angle is being looked at in order to prepare, react and recover from flood waters."

September 9, 2009
Council briefed on relocation of Elections operations and public notification in Green River flood zone
"It is King County's responsibility to ensure families and businesses are informed and prepared to react to potential flooding. While the county prepares its own facilities and employees, the greater community must recognize the seriousness of this issue."

September 2, 2009
Plans for flood barriers around Justice Center and continuation of essential services in Green River Valley detailed for Council committee
"King County needs to take these proactive steps in order to prepare public facilities, county employees and the community for potential flooding. The County's ability to provide services in midst of an emergency is critical."

August 31, 2009
Council authorizes proactive emergency declaration in advance of potential flooding from Howard Hanson Dam
"This step is necessary in the effort to alert our region for what could be the most significant natural emergency to hit South County in our lifetime."

August 26, 2009
New risk of flooding from Howard Hanson Dam could threaten County facilities and require emergency relocations
"This is a regional issue - the impact of flood waters will reach far beyond the Green River Valley. The beginning of flood season is a little over a month away. King County is encouraging everyone to act now in order to maximize preparedness efforts."

July 30, 2009
Councilmembers call for comprehensive approach to close Metro Transit deficit
"Now is not the time for costly experiments. In the face of cuts to public safety and efficient transit, new ferry routes are not a priority."

June 29, 2009
King County Council recognizes UW championship softball and crew teams
"The national championship titles won by these teams proved the commitment of the coaches and players; their dedication to teamwork was critical to their success. The championships bring a tremendous amount of pride to our region."

June 3, 2009
County Council to discuss criminal justice initiatives
"We will learn about proactive public safety initiatives that promote collaboration between police departments in an effort to develop cost effective solutions that will combat criminal activity."

May 26, 2009
Council approves new life for retired vans
"King County's retired van donation program is a terrific way for the county to assist those non-profit organizations who play a vital role in elevating the quality of life throughout our region."

May 18, 2009
County Council integrates Metro bus service around new Link light rail system
"Sound Transit and King County Metro are working together to make this a positive change, so riders have a user-friendly and efficient service."

April 27, 2009
Heightened local monitoring is underway for swift detection of swine flu, King County Council is told
"Although no local cases have been reported as of today in King County, we want to make sure everyone has the information they need to identify the symptoms in order to prevent the spread of this rare flu."

February 23, 2009
Enumclaw takes control of King County Fair
"Last fall we could have lost an important piece of King County history. However, because of the strong outpouring of community and regional support, the King County Fair has been preserved. I look forward to attending the fair for many more years to come, and working with Enumclaw leaders to expand its heritage."

November 24, 2008
Come to the fair: Council restores King County Fair for 2009, looks toward future
"The continuation of the King County Fair is one of the greatest accomplishments of this budget. The hundreds of 4-H members and other fair advocates who made their voices heard at our Town Hall meeting in Enumclaw are the real saviors of this treasured cultural event. We must now partner to find a long-term solution so that the fair can be enjoyed by generations to come."

November 24, 2008
Highest priorities of public safety, health and quality of life protected by the King County Council in 2009 adopted budget
"In order for South King County to be a destination for regional, national and international competitions, we cannot forego critical investments in our flagship athletic facility that is responsible for so much economic activity in Federal Way. Last year's NCAA men's swimming championships contributed a portion of the $7.5 million that the center generates annually for the economy of South King County."

November 17, 2008
Councilmembers call for task force to find ways to sustain the King County Fair, should it be saved in 2009 budget
"For more than a century, the King County Fair has been a celebration of our agrarian roots, a showcase of the agricultural products, practices, and people that are vital to our region's economy. As we work to secure funding for next year, this task force will help explore new partnerships to ensure the Fair is around for another hundred years."

July 28, 2008
One more proposed King County Charter amendment placed on November ballot
"Sometimes government is the least suited institution to bring about necessary reforms. We must keep the initiative process open and accessible so everyday citizens can continue to have influence in local government."

July 10, 2008
Council Republicans call for repeal of Critical Area Ordinance's rural area clearing limits
"A roll back will spare the county a costly appeal while restoring the rights of rural residents."

July 7, 2008
Council calls for extension of regional jail contract and joint strategy with cities on future jail needs
"Critical issues to our community like those we face with criminal justice cannot be solved without a partnership between regional leaders. Today's action by the Council highlights the importance of engaging in a continued partnership between the County and its suburban cities to solve our region's biggest challenges."

July 7, 2008
County Council Republicans hail court reversal of Critical Areas Ordinance
"These restrictions were akin to cracking down on speeders by banning car engines. The law failed to take into account the uniqueness of individual properties, but instead blindly applied blanket standards that hurt property owners without showing any the benefit to the environment."

June 4, 2008
Council expresses condolences on the passing of former King County Councilmember Ruby Chow
"Ruby was a trailblazer and a pacesetter in King County. Throughout her life she was a strong advocate for the Asian American community. As a member of the Council, Ruby was always there for her constituents and for the citizens of King County. She was the political godmother for many aspiring political leaders who followed her."

June 3, 2008
Proposed amendments to King County Charter to be examined at Council Town Hall in Federal Way on June 16
"Town Hall meetings provide an opportunity for the public to come face to face with their elected County Councilmembers outside the courthouse and inside the neighborhoods which they represent. I hope that the residents of South King County take this opportunity to attend the upcoming Town Hall meeting in Federal Way and let their voices be heard on this important charter review process."

June 2, 2008
Twelve amendments to County Charter put before King County Council for ballot consideration
"The charter review process in an important practice in our county and there are major issues being dealt with in these twelve proposed amendments from the Charter Review Commission. I look forward to hearing feedback from County residents and I hope that many take the opportunity to attend our upcoming Town Hall meeting in Federal Way to let their voices be heard."

March 24, 2008
More bus service on major routes throughout the county thanks to new transit partnerships
"Congestion relief must be the top concern for all regional governments around the transportation-challenged Puget Sound area. Today's approval of the 'Transit Now' agreements marks a positive step in our continued efforts to provide regional traffic congestion relief through increased transportation options out of our busiest urban corridors."

Feb. 10, 2008
"Protect vulnerable floodplains" --Seattle Times OpEd
"The Katrina disaster serves as a lasting reminder that government must make emergency preparedness a top priority, and that local governments must be better prepared to take responsibility in protecting the people we serve."

Jan. 18, 2008
Father Peter Hylebos honored by naming of seventh floor in King County's Chinook Building
"With the naming of the Chinook Building's seventh floor, the name Hylebos will now become familiar to all who live in King County. This dedication will ensure the legacy of peace and service left by Father Hylebos lives on."

Jan. 7, 2008
Human services, public health highlight King County's 2008 State Legislative Agenda
"Looking ahead to 2008, the three most significant issues facing our region will be transportation, transportation and transportation. It is critical that King County receives support from both the state and federal government in addressing this paramount issue."

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