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Probate of the Estate Case Review

Probate of the Estate Case Review

List of cases inactive for more than one year (March 31, 2022)

The King County Superior Court and the Clerk’s Office are embarking on a project to address the 12,000 open, yet inactive, probate of the estate cases on record in the clerk’s office.  In addition, as of June 1, 2018, new measures are being put in place to keep newly filed cases active and working toward timely completion. 

The below listed cases have been inactive (no case activity) for more than a year and may be legitimately still proceeding or may be missing completion documents.  Probate of the estate cases are completed with the filing of documents such as “Declaration of Completion” (RCW 11.68), “Order Approving Final Accounting and Decree of Distribution” (RCW 11.76), or “Order Closing Estate.” 

Access a probate case status template here: .docx and .pdf.

All practitioners are encouraged to review their probate caseload and enter estate completion documents, if appropriate, or file a case status statement, if the case is not complete.

For more information, view the associated Clerk’s Alert notification here.  Questions?  Please email Yuji Pearce (

Filter the case list by entering in the "Search" field a case number, a name, or Bar Number.  If your case appears, please either close the case or file a status report with an anticipated date of closure.

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Case number Title Party name Role Bar number
Case number Title Party name Role Bar number