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Payment Options

Payment Options

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To pay your fine in full:

                  King County District Court 
                  516 3rd Ave, RM E340
                  Seattle, WA  98104


To apply for a time payment plan, follow these steps:
  • Complete the PMT Solutions, LLC, Time Payment Application (note: hard copies of the application form also are available from any King County District Court location)
  • Mail the completed application, $15.00 set-up fee, and your first monthly payment to PMT Solutions at the address on the application form (these items must be received by your due date)

Important: Incomplete information or lack of appropriate payment might result in denial of your application, and your account could become eligible for collections.

PMT Solutions does not have information regarding your fine(s) until they have received your application and initial payment, and the account is set-up in their system.


  • Establishment of a realistic monthly payment.
  • Making regular payments will not affect your credit rating.
  • Compliance with the plan provides you with additional time to pay your fine(s) and avoid your account being sent to collections.
  • Ability to pay amounts larger than your monthly payment or in full at any time can avoid further monthly fees.
  • You will receive a monthly statement with a return envelope to mail your payments.


  • Failure to remain current with your payments will result in your account being placed in default status.
  • Default from the payment plan will be reported to the Court and additional monetary penalties may be added.
  • If this involves a traffic violation the Court will notify the Washington State Department of Licensing which may result in a suspension of your privilege to drive.
  • Accounts that default will be referred to a collection agency and you will be responsible for additional collection fees.