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Family Law Trials in King County

Family Law Trials in King County

Traditional and Informal Trials

Choosing the Type of Trial

In a family law case, there are two different trials: informal trials and traditional trials.  There are important differences between the two types of trial. For more information, please see Family Law Trials (العربية中文SoomaaliEspañolTiếng Việt). You can also review LFLR 23.

You must decide what type of trial you want, and then you must tell the court your decision by filling out a form and filing it with the Clerk’s Office. Find the Family Law Trial Selection form (العربية中文SoomaaliEspañol, Tiếng Việt).

If you have a case involving minor children, you must file the form at or before the pretrial conference hearing.

If there are no minor children in your case, your decision must be made in the Joint Confirmation of Trial Readiness form.

You can have an informal trial only if both parties choose an informal trial.


Preparing for Trial

You must turn in documents before trial. What you need to do depends on the type of trial you choose and the requirements in your pretrial conference order (if there is one).

  • Informal Trial: Review your pretrial conference order and LFLR 23 to see what you need to submit for the informal trial.

If you are self-represented, you may be able to get help preparing for trial. See for information on contacting the facilitators.


You do not need to go to trial if you both agree!

If you are self-represented, visit for more information about how to finalize your case by agreement before trial.