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Juror Portal Instructions

Juror Portal Instructions

Only the individual named on the summons should log in to this site. Do not log in to the site if you are not the person named on the summons, even if you are the parent, child, survivor, or guardian of the person to whom the summons is addressed.

Those submitting a request on behalf of another can mail the explanation and supporting documentation to the court.

King County Superior Courthouse

516 Third Ave, First Floor Jury Assembly Room

Seattle, WA 98104

To serve as a juror with King County Superior Court you must be:

  • 18+ years old,
  • United States citizen,
  • King County resident, and
  • Able to communicate in the English language or via ASL (American Sign Language).
  • If you have been convicted of a felony you are unable to serve as a juror if you are currently incarcerated 

DISQUALIFICATION:         If you are not legally qualified to serve due to one or more of the reasons above click on the Juror Summons tab to the left after login, enter your phone number and email address (Click “Submit”) and then click “Juror Summons”. Scroll down to NOT QUALIFIED and click one of more of the 5 boxes that apply and then scroll directly to the SIGNATURE and type in your name. DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THE “Request to be Excused” section. You are claiming a disqualification not requesting to be excused and additional information in this section will delay response to your request.

This will complete your obligation and you will receive an email confirmation of your disqualification within 24 hours. If you have not already provided an email address you can update by clicking on the Personal Contact & Messaging Info tab. Click here to confirm that you are not legally qualified to serve as a juror with this court King County Superior Court Juror Portal

RESCHEDULING:     If the date that you have been summoned to serve does not fit your schedule you can select a different date. All juror candidates have the option to postpone this obligation twice, up to a year each time. You can postpone by clicking “Reschedule Service to a Later Date”. Once you have entered the new date and checked the acknowledgement you should sign out; DO NOT ENTER ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AT THIS TIME. A new summons will be mailed a few weeks prior to your new report date. Upon receipt of that new summons please login again as soon as possible to confirm your eligibility to serve and availability. Click here to reschedule your jury duty to a later date King County Superior Court Juror Portal

EXCUSAL:     If you are legally qualified to serve and feel that a postponement will not eliminate undue hardship you can request to be excused. Click the Juror Summons tab, answer the questions in each section and submit your Request to be Excused. Be sure to check the hardship box and enter details of the hardship.

Students, teachers, healthcare providers, sales professionals and the self-employed are not exempt from jury service. There are no occupational or professional exemptions from this obligation of citizenship.

If your request is due to travel plans, appointments already made, school schedule, etc. please consider the option to Reschedule Service to a Later Date after login to the King County Superior Court Juror Portal.

If you are unable to serve due to a permanent medical/physical/sensory condition, a letter from your physician supporting your request to be excused is required. You can upload the document by clicking on the Upload Documents tab after login to the King County Superior Court Juror Portal.

If your condition is not chronic, including susceptibility to COVID-19, click on Reschedule Service to a Later Date after login to the King County Superior Court Juror Portal.

Please allow 2 working days for a response to your request.

Click here if you feel that jury duty would present an undue hardship and request to be excused. King County Superior Court Juror Portal

Click on the Juror Portal link to confirm that you are legally eligible and available to serve.