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Volunteer or Get Engaged

Volunteer or Get Engaged

Juvenile Court services offers these opportunities to engage with our community programs:

Diversion Community Accountability Board Volunteer: Diversion Community Accountability Boards are an alternative to formal court processing for youth who are facing a first-time and/or low level offenses. Community Accountability Board Volunteers receive extensive training in order to fulfill their role. Then, they meet as a small team with youth and their families in the community to create a Diversion Agreement, which recommends restorative services and activities to resolve the issue at hand. Read more about Diversion HEREIf you are interested in applying to be a Community Accountability Volunteer click HEREContact David Elliott, Partnership for Youth Justice Coordinator, (206)

Mentoring Volunteer: Mentors investing time and connection with our youth has proven to provide long lasting positive effects for young people.  Mentors with shared life experience help youth navigate challenging times in their life.  Relationships developed through our mentorship model create the opportunity to increase awareness and growth for both the mentor and mentee.  Volunteers are recruited, trained, and consent to background checks.  Contact Robert Gant, (206) 477-0041,

Job Readiness, Career Exploration, and Work Experience Volunteer: You can provide a job shadow or career exploration opportunity with your business where youth spend a day visiting and observing to learn more about their careers of interest. You can also provide a community service or public work project to afford youth the opportunity to help improve their community. Businesses may also provide a work experience (internship) site where youth’s wages for internships of up to 150 hours of work are paid by the EET program.  Contact Diane Korf, (206) 477-3020,

Resource Center Services Provider or Volunteer: The Bobbe Bridge Resource Center partners with numerous community organizations and individuals to provide support and services to youth and families accessing the CCFJC. If you are interested in partnering or volunteering, contact Paula Moses, (206) 263-863,