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2020 Taxes

2020 Taxes

Release Date: February 13, 2020

2020 Property Taxes

Property tax bills coming: Changes in Education Funding Leads to Higher Property Taxes in 2020

Two changes in our state’s school funding formula will lead to a 13.7% increase in property tax collections in King County for the 2020 tax year. Overall property tax collections for the 2020 tax year are $6.3 billion, an increase of $767 million or 13.7% from the previous year of $5.7 billion. Total County value increased by 5.92%, from $606.6 to $642.5 billion. (Click here to see a spreadsheet showing the changes by city)

The increase in taxes is primarily due to two changes in education funding made by the Legislature; an increase in the statewide education levy, and increased authority for school districts to collect local levies:

  • The State Legislature passed SHB 2242 in the 2017 legislative session to fully fund the state’s program for basic education (McCleary). The total state rate of $2.70/$1,000 was to be for tax years 2018 thru 2022. In 2018 the Legislature passed ESSB 6614 to temporarily lower the total state rate to $2.40/$1,000. Under the law, the 2020 State School Fund rate is now back to $2.70/$1,000 for the 2020 tax year,
  • In conjunction with the above, ESSB 5313 authorizes enhancement levies (aka maintenance and operation levies) to increase from the maximum $1.50/$1,000 to $2.50/$1,000 of assessed value, $2,500 per student enrollment ($3,000 for districts with 400,000 TE students or more), or the voter approved amount for the 2020 tax year, whichever is the lessor of the three amounts.

King County Treasury will begin sending out the annual property tax bills February 14. King County collects property taxes on behalf of the state, the county, cities, and taxing districts (such as school and fire districts), and distributes the revenue to these local governments.

About 55 percent of property tax revenues collected in King County in 2019 pays for schools. Property taxes also fund voter-approved measures for veterans and seniors, fire protection, and parks. King County receives about 18 percent of your property tax payment for roads, police, criminal justice, public health, elections, and parks, among other services.

“Property tax policy remains in a state of flux,” said King County Assessor John Wilson. “It’s important to remember changes in the law, or approval of special levies, have much more impact on changes to your tax bill than does the changing value of your property.”

Property taxes vary depending upon location, the assessed value of the property, and the number of jurisdictions levying taxes (such as state, city, county, school district, port, fire district, etc). A number of levies and other property tax measures were approved by voters in 2019 for collection in 2020. They include:

  • King County: Renewal of the EMS regular property tax levy at a rate of $0.265/$1,000 for the first year of the six-year levy, an increase in rate of $0.04738/$1,000 from the previous year.
  • King County: Renewal of Parks lid lift at a rate of $0.1832/$1,000 for the first year. Seniors/disabled taxpayers in the Senior Exemption Program are exempt from paying this lid lift.
  • City of Seattle: Seattle Public Library seven-year regular property tax levy at a rate not to exceed $0.122/$1,000 in the first year. Seniors/disabled taxpayers in the Senior Exemption Program are exempt from paying this lid lift.
  • City of Medina: 6-year Public Safety levy lid lift increasing the city’s regular property tax levy by $0.20/$1,000 to a maximum total rate of $0.83712/$1,000 in the first year, setting a 5% limit factor in years 2021-2025. Seniors/disabled taxpayers in the Senior Exemption Program are exempt from paying this lid lift.
  • Fire District 62 (Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority) – Six-year lid lift to restore the property tax levy to $1.00/$1,000.
  • Two (Seattle and Renton) of the 20 school districts in King County passed Enhancement levies.
  • Three school districts (Seattle and Lake Washington) passed six-year Capital Projects levies, totaling $1.52 billion over six years. Skykomish school district passed a 4-year capital projects levy for a total of $300,000 ($75,000 each year).
  • Renton School District passed an unlimited bond for $249.6m over 21 years.
  • Northshore Park & Recreation Service Area – Six-year property tax levy at a rate $0.04/$1,000 or less for each of the six years.
  • Vashon Park District – Four-year property tax levy at a rate not to exceed $0.45/$1,000 for each of the four years.

Low-income seniors, veterans and disabled homeowners may qualify for a property-tax exemption offered by King County. Information on how to apply for an exemption, along with other property-assessment-related information, can be found at

Property owners can find tax levy rates and more property related information by visiting the eReal Property Search on the King County Assessor’s website or by calling 206-296-7300.

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Where Do Your Property Tax Dollars Go?

2020 Property Taxes Pie Chart

A day in the life of a King County Appraiser

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How King County's revenue falls behind even as property taxes go up

2019 Area Reports: The King County Department of Assessments annually revalues 700,000 parcels.

Area Reports are provided between June and October. The following files are in .PDF format, and are all roughly 250 KB to 3,000 KB in size. You will need a copy of PDF reader to view these files. For more information visit Software help.

Commercial Specialty Area

Area Location Name Mail Date
160Hotels and Motels09-12-2019
250Major Retail9-5-2019
174Nursing Homes9-5-2019
153Retirement Homes9-5-2019
15Floating Home8-1-2019
413Fast Food/ Institutional Restaurants8-1-2019
280Major Offices8-1-2019
343Golf Courses8-1-2019
510High Tech8-1-2019
520Business Parks8-1-2019
12Waterfront: Lake Union to Shilshole Bay8-1-2019
608Mini Storage8-1-2019
700Condominiums (Capitol Hill)7-4-2019
700Condominiums (Queen Anne/ Magnolia)7-4-2019
700Condominiums (Northeast King County)7-4-2019
700Condominiums (South Seattle)7-4-2019

Residential Area

Area Location Name Mail Date
22Rainier Beach10-03-2019
23Burien/ White Center10-03-2019
33Medina/ Clyde Hill/ Hunts Point/ Yarrow Point10-03-2019
38Bothell/ East Kenmore10-03-2019
52Woodmont/ Redondo10-03-2019
63Newport Shores/ Kennydale10-03-2019
13Capitol Hill09-27-2019
24Riverton Heights/ Tukwila09-19-2019
25Skyway/ Bryn Mawr09-19-2019
81Seward Park/ Mt. Baker09-19-2019
19West Ballard09-12-2019
21South Beacon Hill/ Rainier Valley09-12-2019
31Somerset/ Eastgate09-12-2019
32NE Renton09-12-2019
34Mercer Island09-12-2019
37Inglewood/ Finn Hill/ Juanita09-12-2019
40Enumclaw Plateau09-12-2019
44Ravenna/ University District09-12-2019
65Issaquah/ Lakemont09-12-2019
73Kingsgate/ Queensgate09-12-2019
8Lake City09-12-2019
85NW Renton Hill09-12-2019
16West Seattle09-05-2019
18East West Seattle/ Georgetown/ South Park09-05-2019
35North Sammamish Plateau09-05-2019
36Woodinville/ Cottage Lake/ Hollywood Hill09-05-2019
46Sheridan Beach to Laurelhurst09-05-2019
68Bridle Trails/ Wilburton/ Central Bellevue09-05-2019
12Queen Anne08-29-2019
15Central Area08-29-2019
48North Central West Seattle08-29-2019
6Haller Lake/ North Greenwood/ Crown Hill08-29-2019
60Lake Youngs08-29-2019
72Redmond/ South Woodinville/ Sammamish Valley08-29-2019
79Beacon Hill08-29-2019
14Leschi/ Madison Park08-22-2019
39Broadview/ Blue Ridge/ Shilshole08-22-2019
4Lake Forest Park/ West Kenmore08-22-2019
42Phinney Ridge/ Fremont08-22-2019
47Lake Sammamish08-22-2019
49Normandy Park08-22-2019
54Federal Way08-22-2019
69South Sammamish Plateau08-22-2019
75Issaquah Highlands/ Preston/ Snoqualmie Ridge08-22-2019
80North Bend/ Snoqualmie08-22-2019
82East Ballard08-22-2019
93East Kirkland/ Rose Hill08-22-2019
96Burien/ SeaTac08-22-2019
41City of Enumclaw08-08-2019
67Lake Hills08-08-2019
7Northgate/ Maple Leaf/ Meadowbrook08-08-2019
84Northeast Lake Washington08-08-2019
87Algona/ Pacific08-08-2019
3East Shoreline08-01-2019
43Green Lake/ Wallingford08-01-2019
45Wedgwood/ Bryant08-01-2019
53Twin Lakes08-01-2019
56Maple Valley08-01-2019
62Lea Hill08-01-2019
66Mirrormont/ Tiger Mountain/ May Valley08-01-2019
88Des Moines/ SeaTac/ Kent08-01-2019
91Sherwood/ Bel-Red/ SW Redmond08-01-2019
92NW Bellevue/ Enatai/ Meydenbauer/ Beaux Arts08-01-2019
2Central Shoreline07-25-2019
58East Auburn/ SE Kent07-25-2019
90Alpental/ Skykomish07-25-2019
95East Woodinville/ Bear Creek/ Trilogy07-25-2019
1West Shoreline07-11-2019
27West Hill Auburn07-11-2019
51Benson Hill/ Panther Lake07-11-2019
59Talbot Hill/ East Kent07-11-2019
61Kent Meridian07-11-2019
57Black Diamond/ East Maple Valley07-11-2019
71Redmond Ridge & Environs07-11-2019
70Duvall and Environs06-27-2019
26Steel Lake/ Star Lake06-20-2019
94Carnation/ Fall City06-20-2019
100Vashon Island06-20-2019


  • April 30th First half of property taxes due
    (If taxes are less than $50, full payment is due.)
  • April 30th Personal property listing forms due
  • June 1 Three percent penalty assessed on delinquent taxes
  • July 1 Appeals to the County Board of Equalization must be filed by July 1 or within
    60 days of notification.
  • Sept. 1 Applications for limited income
    deferrals due
  • Oct. 31 Second half of property taxes due
  • Dec. 1 Eight percent penalty assessed on delinquent taxes


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