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2023 Residential Physical Inspection Areas

2023 Residential Physical Inspection Areas

2023 Physical Inspection Areas

2023 Residential Physical Inspection Areas

You might see us in your neighborhood soon.

Every year the Assessor is legally required to inspect in-person 1/6 of the properties in the county to ensure that homes are valued accurately and fairly. To accomplish this duty, approximately 100,000 parcels are inspected each year.

An inspection is generally an exterior observation of your property for comparison with the property characteristics we have on file. To accomplish the inspections, Assessors may need to enter side or back yards. If additional information is needed, Assessor’s staff will first knock on the residence door to speak with a taxpayer if possible. All appraisers carry county ID.

So if you see one of our friendly assessors in your neighborhood with a tablet or taking photos don’t hesitate to ask questions, or just give them a wave!

For the 2023 assessment year, we will be inspecting the following residential areas through early spring of 2023:

  • 3 - East Shoreline
  • 7 - Northgate/ Maple Leaf/ Meadowbrook
  • 13 - Capitol Hill
  • 19 - West Ballard
  • 26 - Steel Lake/ Star Lake
  • 30 - Fairwood
  • 32 - NE Renton
  • 47 - Lake Sammamish
  • 48 - North Central West Seattle
  • 57 - Black Diamond
  • 61 - Kent Meridian
  • 70 - Duvall and Environs
  • 81 - Seward Park
  • 84 - Cedar River/ East Maple Valley
  • 91 - Sherwood/ Bel-Red/ SW Redmond

If you have any questions, please contact our Public Information Team at (206) 296-7300.