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The King County Housing, Homelessness and Community Development Division (HHCDD) administers federal funds from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on behalf of King County and most of the cities in King County.

The City of Seattle receives its own federal funds separately. King County and the cities in King County cooperate in an urban county consortium to further the broad goals of the federal programs. In order to carry out these activities, King County HHCDD and the Consortium have agreed to a decision-making structure.

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Joint Recommendations Committee Meeting

December 7, 2023 (9:00-11:00 PDT)

Via Zoom:

Meeting ID: 856 0615 2808

To request passcode, please contact Community Development

Joint Recommendations Committee

The Joint Recommendations Committee (JRC) is an inter-jurisdictional body that provides funding recommendations and advice on guidelines and procedures for King County and its city partners on a wide range of housing and community development issues. The JRC was created through the interlocal cooperation agreements that formed the following consortia:

  • The King County Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Consortium
  • The King County HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) Consortium
  • The King County Regional Affordable Housing Program (RAHP) Consortium

It is now codified in the King County Code in Title 24, Chapter 24.13.

Three King County representatives appointed by the King County Executive and eight representatives of consortia cities participate in the King County sit on the JRC. The City of Seattle participates on the JRC for some meetings regarding regional fund sources that include the City of Seattle.

What does the JRC do?

Affordable Housing

Each year the JRC makes specific funding recommendations for capital funding for housing for very low to moderate income households. The entire JRC makes recommendations on funding for affordable housing from the following sources: federal CDBG and HOME funds, local RAHP funds, and local Veterans’ and Human Services Levy housing funds. The King County members of the JRC make specific funding recommendations for local King County funds, local housing funds from the Developmental Disabilities and Early Childhood Supports Division, and funds from the Mental Illness and Drug Dependency Implementation Plan. The JRC also advises the Consortium and the King County Executive on guidelines for the affordable housing programs.

Community Development

The JRC makes specific funding recommendations for Consortium's CDBG funds for non-housing capital projects such as community centers, public infrastructure projects and parks projects; in addition the JRC advises the Consortia and the King County Executive on procedures that guide the community development program.


The JRC makes specific funding recommendations for homeless and emergency assistance programs and advises King County and Seattle on the priorities for the joint application for federal McKinney homelessness assistance funds.

Consolidated Housing and Community Development Plan

The JRC reviews and recommends the Consolidated Plan, and all related plans, to the King County Executive and Council.

State and Federal Legislative Priorities

The JRC advises the King County Executive and the County Council's Legislative Steering Committee on state and federal legislative priorities regarding housing, homelessness, and community development issues.

JRC Procedures

JRC meetings are open to the public. Some meetings are designated meetings for the gathering of public testimony and are specially advertised as such.

The JRC must have a quorum of five eligible voting representatives in order to conduct business that requires a vote.

The King County Housing, Homelessness, and Community Development (HHCDD) Program staffs the JRC meeting and prepares and presents reports and recommendations for funding awards and procedures to the JRC that guide the HHCDD programs.

Consortium CDBG Non-Housing Capital Guidelines

The JRC has authorized CDBG Guidelines for non-housing projects within King County. Read more here (PDF)

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