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Evaluation - Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy

Evaluation - Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy

Performance measurement and evaluation has been important since the levy began in 2006. The evaluation of the levy provides the following: 

  • Measures performance of activities to assist the boards in their oversight of the levy.
  • Provides County program managers with information to monitor and improve the activities they manage.
  • Informs voters and policy-makers of the benefits of levy-funded activities to King County residents and of the progress made in meeting levy goals.

Templates detail performance measures for each activity:

The plan explains how each activity supports the levy goals:

Performance measures for the levy were developed in the context of other performances measurement efforts, most notably those being developed for the King County Strategic Plan. Other relevant evaluation and data gathering efforts include those of the King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division, Public Health - Seattle & King County, and Homeless Management Information System.

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