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Reports and Planning Documents

Reports and Planning Documents

The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL), approved by King County voters in 2005, 2011, and 2017 is up for voter consideration for the fourth time this year. Below is an updated series of plans and reports demonstrating the services, performance, and budget of these investments. Each of the items below show the goals and focus of funding, desired outcomes and methodology, and highlight progress throughout each year of the levy.

The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy staff has transmitted a mid-year and an annual report to County Council every year since 2012. These reports provide a compelling story of how levy funds are being used to make a difference in the community.

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Mid-year reports

The Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL), approved by King County voters in 2005, 2011, and 2017 is up for voter consideration for the fourth time this year.

Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy: Assessment Report Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy: Visual Guide Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy: Ballot Measure Ordinance

VSHSL Implementation Plan (2019-2023)

Adopted by the King County Council on July 16, 2018, the VSHSL Implementation Plan describes the expenditure of levy proceeds (2019 - 2023) to achieve outcomes related to healthy living, housing stability, financial stability, social engagement, and service system access for veterans and military servicemembers and their respective families, seniors and their caregivers, and vulnerable populations.

VSHSL Implementation Plan

For more information about each of the plan's strategies and implementation, including procurement timelines, visit

VSHSL Transition Plan (2018)

Adopted by the King County Council on Dec. 5, 2017, the Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy (VSHSL) Transition Plan governs the first-year (2018) expenditures of the VSHSL. The plan allocates 2018 VSHSL proceeds into four major categories:

  1. Continuing existing Veterans and Human Services Levy programs in 2018
  2. New VSHSL housing stability investments
  3. New senior center investments
  4. Technical assistance and capacity building funds
VSHSL Transition Plan

VSHSL Governance Plan

Adopted by the King County Council on April 2, 2018, the VSHSL Governance Plan describes the plan for integrating the former Veterans Citizen Oversight Board and Regional Human Services Citizen Oversight Board, and the state-mandated veterans board into one advisory board to oversee the distribution of VSHSL proceeds. The VSHSL Advisory Board will consist of 30 members organized in three 10-member committees, with each committee representing a VSHSL priority population. For more information about the new Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy Advisory Board, visit

VSHSL Governance Plan

How has your feedback influenced the renewal process?

Since 2016, the Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy team published the following reports capturing feedback received from over a thousand residents. These reports demonstrate the basis for the renewed VSHSL populations and strategies: 

Veterans & Human Services Levy: VHSL Assessment Report Veterans & Human Services Levy: Veterans Housing Report Veterans, Seniors, & Human Services Levy: Blueprint Report Veterans, Seniors, & Human Services Levy: Ballot Measure Ordinance

Service Improvement Plan (2006 - 2017)

The Veterans & Human Services Levy utilized a Service Improvement Plan (SIP) from 2006 - 2017 to guide the use of funds for services for veterans, military personnel and their families, and others in need. The SIP documents identified the target populations, goals and investment strategy areas and are summarized in the levy overview.


About forty levy activities are grouped under four overarching strategies. Each levy activity has an implementation plan which explains the need for a particular service and a description of the service developed to meet those needs. All implementation plans have been subject to public review and comment, and been reviewed by one or both of the levy oversight boards.

Strategy 1: Supporting Veterans and Their Families to Build Stable Lives and Strong Relationships

1.1     King County Veterans Program 

1.2     Veterans Outreach and engagement

          1.2.A     Enhanced Outreach to Women Veterans and Veterans of Color 

          1.2.B      Veteran Information and Referral     

          1.2.C     Homeless Veteran Street Outreach    

1.3     Veterans Employment and Training    

1.4     Contracted Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/Military Sexual Trauma Treatment   

1.5      Veterans Justice

          1.5.A     Veterans Incarcerated Program        

          1.5.B     Veterans Legal Assistance Program         

          1.5.C     Emerging Programs for Justice Involved Veterans  

1.6     Support for Military Families

          1.6.A     Military Family Outreach    

          1.6.B     Military Family Counseling 

Strategy 2: Ending Homelessness through Outreach, Prevention, Permanent Supportive Housing and Employment

2.1     Outreach and Engagement

          2.1.A     Homeless Street Outreach       

          2.1.B     Dutch Shisler Sobering Support Center and Emergency Service Patrol    

          2.1.C     Mobile Medical Outreach      

          2.1.D     South King County Homeless Outreach     

2.2     Capital Funds for Permanent Housing       

2.3     Housing Stability Program        

2.4     Support services for permanent housing

          2.4.A     Housing Health Outreach Team    

          2.4.B     On-site Support Services    

 2.5     Criminal justice initiatives

          2.5.A     Forensic Assertive Community Treatment Program      

          2.5.B     Forensic Intensive Supportive Housing Program     

 2.6     Employment and training

          2.6.A     Community Employment Services     

          2.6.B     Career Connections    

          2.6.C     Employment and Education Resources - Aerospace      

          2.6.D     Internship Program for Veterans     

2.7    Youth and Young Adult Homelessness Plan Private Fund Match  

Strategy 3: Improving Health through the Integration of Medical and Behavioral Health Services

3.1     Behavioral Health Integration

          3.1.A     Behavioral Health Integration        

          3.1.B     Behavioral Health Integration for Veterans      

3.2     Veteran and Trauma Competency Training  

3.3     Health Care Reform System Design and Implementation     

3.4     Depression Intervention for Seniors   

3.5     Facilitation of Ongoing Partnerships   

3.6     Client Care Coordination  

Strategy 4: Strenthening Families at Risk

4.1     Home visiting

          4.1.A     Nurse Family Partnership        

          4.1.B     Healthy Start     

4.2     Maternal Depression Reduction       

4.3     Parent Education and Support  

          4.3.A    Parent Education          

          4.3.B     Parent Play and Learn Groups     

4.4     Passage Point  

4.5     Information and referral  

          4.5.A     2-1-1 Community Information Line                  4.5.B     Cultural Navigator 

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