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Cool eco-options for holiday cards and packaging from the Green Holidays website and King County's EcoConsumer program.

Wrap it up

Wrap Idea #1: Popsicle sticks

Sometimes simplicity is the key to wrapping presents. We used a brown paper bag, popsicle sticks and yarn to wrap these packages.

Wrap idea #2: shopping bag cutouts

Take one used shopping bag, an utility knife, stencil and colored paper and you have a brand new gift bag. Great idea for a last minute gift because you already have most materials on hand.

Wrap idea #3: recycled map with jump rope

Give your hiker or traveler friends a treat by wrapping their gift with obsolete maps you may have lying around. Also keep in mind reusable items that make great ribbons, including jump ropes, neckties or dog leashes.

Wrap idea #4: map gift tag


Have leftover scraps from using an old map for wrapping paper? Use the leftover pieces to make a gift tag.

Wrap idea #5: recycled yearbook pages and plastic bag bow

Use pages from your old yearbooks to bring a little humor to your holiday wrapping. We also upcycled a plastic shopping bag into this bow. See the Creative Jewish Mom external link for easy plastic bag bow instructions.

Wrap idea #6: jean pocket gift bag

Take one used shopping bag, a pair of old jeans and hot glue and you have your own brand of gift bag. Slip a note or gift card for a local experience in the pocket!

Wrap idea #7: chip bag + VHS tape

Many snack products have a foil-lined bag that can be transformed into a shiny gift wrap. Simply cut along the seams, and rinse off with hot water and soap. An old VHS tape can be broken open and used as the perfect ribbon complement.

Wrap idea #8: wine bottle with newspaper

Want to spruce up a holiday hostess gift? Find a colorful section of the newspaper and wrap up your bottle. Complete with a curly-cue top.

Wrap idea #9: DIY wrapping paper

Looking for a last-minute gift-wrap idea? Look no further than sticky notes and paper grocery bags! Trace and cut out festive designs and attach to gifts to make custom wrapping paper for your loved ones. Inspired by Useful DIY external link .

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