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Build a successful diversion/recycling program as part of your green building project in King County, WA

Build a successful diversion/recycling program

How can you ensure that your diversion program will be successful?

Preventing waste and practicing recycling pays off by lowering supply and disposal costs. But even when a sound waste management plan has been implemented, difficulties may still arise. Here are solutions to some common challenges.

Manage your program

Designate a leader, either an individual or a team, who will be responsible for educating the crew and subcontractors, setting up the site and coordinating and supervising recycling efforts to prevent the contamination of recycling loads.

Involve subcontractors

Require subcontractors to use the on-site recycling and disposal bins or require them to recycle their own waste and provide documentation.

Find appropriate space

Recycling and reuse efforts require space. Set aside an area of the jobsite to store salvaged building materials and house recycling bins for either commingled or source-separated loads.

Promote and educate

Communicate your plan to the crew and subcontractors on site. They will need to know:

  • How materials should be separated
  • Where materials should go
  • How often the materials will be collected and delivered to the appropriate facilities

Include waste-handling requirements and expectations in all project documents.

Prevent contamination

Adopt strategies to prevent contamination.

  • Clearly label the recycling bins and waste containers on site.
  • Post lists of recyclable and non-recyclable materials.
  • Conduct regular site visits to verify that bins are not contaminated.
  • Provide feedback to the crew and subcontractors on the results of their efforts.
2011 Carpet Removal Best Practices for Carpet Recycling (PDF)
Make sure your subcontractors know the recycling plan. It works much better to sort when going in than to sort once it's coming out.

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