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GreenTools for Energy Infrastructure - GreenTools for King County Sustainable Cities

GreenTools for energy infrastructure

Clean, renewable sources of energy make Sustainable Cities healthy and self-reliant, and boost local economies. And, don't forget: Energy conservation is the easiest way to save money and the environment. Cities in King County can take the lead in the decision-making process related to energy systems, by addressing both sources of energy and demands on energy supplies. Reducing your city’s carbon footprint and building energy independence requires attention to both sources and consumers.

Cities must consider four factors in addressing energy systems: Potential sources, including decentralized and renewable strategies; environmental impacts of energy sources; affordability; and, reliability of centralized versus decentralized sources. Local governments can lead by example through reductions in energy consumption of government buildings and public utilities. Further, cities must shape energy demand through programs and policies, and enable and encourage renewable energy systems through incentives.

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