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GreenTools for Materials & Solid Waste Management - GreenTools for King County Sustainable Cities

Materials & solid waste management

Sustainability starts with materials and solid waste management

Sustainable Cities explore all ways to reduce environmental impacts of materials procurement, use, and disposal. Cities in King County have set a national example in reducing waste directed to landfills and finding innovative uses for recycled and salvaged resources, saving money and reducing environmental impacts. Cities should promote and enable responsible procurement practices, recycling and salvage-materials use, and lead by example through programs and operations.

Green building is a significant opportunity to reduce materials use and waste. King County provides the tools and assistance needed to help you to obtain the highest diversion rates possible on your construction, demolition and deconstruction projects. Tools available include jobsite waste guidelines, a waste management plan template, sample waste recycling specifications, directory of local construction waste recyclers and more.

Municipal materials and solid waste management resources

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