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Smart shopping: buy what you need - Food: Too Good To Waste from King County's Solid Waste Division

Food: Too Good To Waste

Smart shopping: buy what you need

Planning and thoughtful shopping are key to avoiding wasted food. By making a list with weekly meals in mind, you can save money, time and may eat healthier food.

Before you shop

  • Make your shopping list based on how many meals you will eat at home and the timing of your next shopping trip. Will you or your family members eat out this week? Be realistic.
  • Shop your fridge and cupboards first to avoid buying food you already have on hand.
  • Include quantities on your shopping list to make sure you buy just what you need. For fresh items, note how many meals you will make with each. Download this handy shopping listDownload PDF 145 K.

While shopping

  • Choose loose fruit and vegetables over pre-packaged to better control the quantity you need and ensure fresher ingredients.
  • Buy bulk grains, beans, and pastas to purchase only quantities needed.
  • Ask for and buy “imperfect” fruit and vegetables. Some grocers are already offering them. Nearly 50 percent of healthy high-quality produce is wasted before even reaching grocery stores because it is blemished or oddly shaped. Learn more about the benefits of buying cosmetically-challenged produce external link .
Get started today!
Get started today! Take the first step to see what you?re really tossing each week.
Buy funny fruit!
Buy funny fruit!
Odd looking fruits and vegetables are often tossed because stores can’t sell them.
Visit our recipe box!
Visit our recipe box for new meal ideas.
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