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Contact us

King County Environmental Lab

The following is a list of contact names and numbers for the Environmental Laboratory. If you have questions regarding services provided at the Lab, please contact one of the Laboratory Project Managers or the appropriate unit supervisor.

Laboratory Projects Contact
King County Treatment Plants, CSO's, Biosolids, Industrial Waste, and Capital projects; WLRD Marine Monitoring projects Erin McCabe
King County Solid Waste; Other City NPDES & Biosolids projects; WLRD Groundwater monitoring projects;  Fish Studies Susannah Rowles
WLRD Freshwater & Groundwater monitoring; Microbial Source Tracking; Swim Beaches, King County WTD Water Reuse and Technology and Assessment; King County Roads, WLRD Stormwater Services and  Reimbursable Projects
Ellen Sisk
Laboratory Management Team  
Lab Manager Diane McElhany
Aquatic Toxicology Supervisor Fran Sweeney
Conventionals Supervisor Brian Prosch
Field Science Unit Supervisor
Jean Power
Microbiology Supervisor Eric Thompson
Trace Metals Supervisor Kevin Cummings
Trace Organics Supervisor Jack Gudeman

For questions about this Web page, please contact Diane McElhany, Environmental Programs Section Manager, King County Environmental Lab.