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Groundwater Protection Program

Groundwater Protection Program

King County, Washington

In 2001, the King Count Council created the Groundwater Protection Program by King County Code Chapter 9.14.  The Groundwater Protection Program provides management, policy, and technical expertise to help protect the quality and quantity of the groundwater resources in King County.  The Program seeks to: protect the health and viability of its residents who use groundwater for drinking; and to preserve fish and wildlife habitat by ensuring the replenishment (by way of groundwater contributions) of streams, lakes and wetlands for future generations.

Goals and responsibilities

  • Ensure that King County exercises all of its authority in a fashion that protects groundwater quantity and quality.
  • Develop the capability to assess groundwater quality and quantity trends and conditions.
  • Facilitate stakeholder engagement in groundwater issues and related decision-making processes, and build a strong base of support for groundwater protection by encouraging communication and dialogue among stakeholders.

Interagency coordination

Coordinate and collaborate within King County government and with other local, state, federal and tribal agencies in order to leverage resources, integrate groundwater protection with the protection of all water resources, and integrate groundwater protection with other public health and safety efforts.

Groundwater protection planning and plan implementation

Help local communities identify groundwater protection needs and address these needs with local and non-local resources. Integrate groundwater issues with other local planning efforts including growth management plans.

Data collection and management

Serve as a reliable source of technical data regarding the quality and quantity of King County’s groundwater resources; develop effective monitoring programs to document trends and provide expert analysis on the conditions of groundwater quality and quantity in King County for planning and other purposes.

King County groundwater policy

Foster (review, develop, recommend) effective groundwater protection policies for King County.

Groundwater stewardship and education

Provide stewardship services related to groundwater protection, and communicate to the larger community both the important groundwater issues in King County and what is being done to address them.


The Groundwater Protection Program has currently 2 staff: