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Our agency and staff

Our agency and staff

Celebrating 50 years of work to keep our waters cleanCelebrating 50 years of work to keep our waters clean (WTD blog) 

Headquartered in downtown Seattle, King County's Wastewater Treatment Division has been committed to protecting and improving water quality for more than 40 years.

The agency employs about 600 people who plan, design, build, and operate treatment facilities. Our employees also enforce regulations to reduce harmful waste discharged to the system, and we educate the public and businesses on ways to protect water quality.

To our agency, success means clean water. It means honoring our legacy while keeping a promise to another generation that our beautiful environment will be there for them to enjoy.

It also means being accountable to our ratepayers and operating a well-managed agency.


Join our team. Come make clean water with us!Learn more about career opportunities in King County WTD