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North Beach Pipe Investigation

North Beach Pipe Investigation

February 28, 2020 Update

Restoration at the North Beach Pump Station begins Monday, March 2

King County's response team will begin restoration at the site of a pipe repair in Blue Ridge Park and the North Beach Pump Station. Work will begin Monday, March 2, with the first phase taking place in Blue Ridge Park.

Park restoration will include repairing irrigation lines and replacing topsoil and sod. The work area extends from behind the play structure to a location along the pump station fence. The park will remain open during this work, with temporary fencing around the work area.

After work in Blue Ridge Park is complete, the contractor will restore fencing and driveway/sidewalk areas on the North Beach Pump Station site. This work may take two weeks or more, and will be confined to the County's property. Only brief delays in traffic to get trucks in and out of the site are expected.

King County's response team appreciates the community's patience and support while this work is completed.

What neighbors can expect

  • Work is expected to take around 3 weeks. Restoration work is weather-dependent and while the recent storms appear to be behind us, heavy rains could delay some work.
  • Crews will work during regular daytime construction hours. We do not anticipate extended work hours for restoration, but will notify the community if something arises.
  • The park and beach will remain open during the work in Blue Ridge Park. Area users will see crews and equipment in the work area along the fence. Please keep pets safe around work activities! Neighbors will notice County staff, contractors, and equipment during this time. You may notice construction activities and noise. No major traffic or parking disruptions are anticipated.

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Map of North Beach Pump Station area with City and County facilities

North Beach facilitiesNorth Beach Pump Station, 9921 Triton Drive NW, Seattle (Google map)

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