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Carnation Treatment Plant

Tours and Education Programs

Tours and education programs help people learn about wastewater treatment and stormwater, and how everyone can help protect our waters for a healthier, more sustainable future. Learn how you can participate in programs and tours of our facilities here.

Chinook Bend Natural Area

The Chinook Bend Natural Area is a 59-acre property just north of Carnation where approximately 20% of the Chinook salmon that return to the Snoqualmie River Watershed spawn. King County Parks manages the space and currently has multiple restoration projects in the natural area that are enhancing fish and wildlife habitat. You can find information about Chinook Bend Natural Area on King County Park’s website here.

Recycled water from the Carnation Treatment Plant is sent to the Chinook Bend Natural Area via an outfall pipe. About 32 million gallons of the clean wastewater are sent to this wetland enhancement site every year. The clean water meets Washington State Class A Recycled water standards.

The natural area provides a healthy outdoor space for people and wildlife. Park users can enjoy a 1.25-mile stroll of fresh air and nature. The space is suitable for a variety of activities, including walking, biking, and birding. When visiting you can experience interpretive signage with additional details on the significance of this area, as well as public art courtesy of 4Culture. Depending on the time of year, this trail area may be flooded, so exercise appropriate caution when necessary.

Four people standing at the edge of a large round artwork located in the Chinook Bend Natural Area

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