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Raw sewage pump replacement

Raw sewage pump replacement

West Point Treatment Plant Current Projects

Project update

September 2023

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raw sewage pumps at West Point Treatment Plant

Project description

The Raw Sewage Pump system was built in 1966 with the original West Point Treatment Plant. The original system uses four pumps to meet the needed capacity. Pumping untreated combined sewage over a long time has resulted in significant wear on the pumps. In addition, the system could fail during an earthquake due to its age.

The purpose of this project is to replace the Raw Sewage Pump system and implement structural improvements to the facility.

Project benefits:

This project will bring improvements to both the pump system and the building that holds the pumps.

  • Replacing the pump system will build redundancy in the system. The current system needs all four pumps to meet maximum capacity needs and does not have capacity to handle potential overflows. The new system will only require three pumps of the four pumps to meet maximum capacity needs. The maximum capacity for the system can still be handled even if one pump needs maintenance
  • This project will make seismic improvements to the building structure in the event of a potential earthquake.

Learn more from the project FAQ .

Project phase and schedule

The project is currently in the early design phase and will reach final design as soon as late 2023.

The project team analyzed and chose a preferred alternative to develop. The preferred alternative had the greatest value and lowest risk compared to the other three alternatives under consideration. (Learn more from the project FAQ .) During the current project phase, the project team will develop the pump design, conduct a seismic analysis, and begin project permitting. The project team will also determine construction costs and impact, and create an initial construction schedule. The project will then be ready to move into construction. Construction is expected to begin as soon as 2024. It will take approximately one year to replace each of the four pumps. Construction will last approximately five years, through 2029.

Community impacts and outreach

The County anticipates that impacts to the nearby community during construction, such as noise, will be minimal as construction will take place inside the treatment plant walls.

We will provide ongoing updates on our website as the project progresses. Sign up for email or text updates for current West Point Treatment Plant capital improvement projects below.

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