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The Bubbler

The Bubbler

Clean water news from King County Wastewater Treatment Division

September 2023

  • Grandfather’s Wisdom returns to Brightwater Trails
  • Swapping backpacks for hardhats, a summer job like no other
  • WTD is ready for wet weather
  • Are you or someone you know interested in a green job?
  • Do you have a child obsessed with potty talk? We have a solution!
  • Massive pumps at West Point Treatment Plant get a tune up
  • Grappling with the legacy of racist housing policies
  • Great progress on power quality at West Point Treatment Plant

July 2023

  • Mad Scientist in the woods? Or just another day at Vashon Treatment Plant?
  • King County’s wastewater ‘parks’ offer a dose of nature, minus the crowds
  • Look inside this giant new tunnel that will improve water quality in Seattle’s Ship Canal
  • As Duwamish River is made cleaner, local artists help community connect to its waters
  • Stop by WTD’s booth at Duwamish River Festival, August 5
  • Got an idea to improve water quality in the Puget Sound region?
  • Volunteers needed at City Soil Farm
  • Ever taken a tour of a wastewater treatment plant? Now’s your chance! 
  • Read the new PopUp StoryWalk along Brightwater Trails

April 2023

  • West Point Treatment Plant: laying the foundation for climate change resilience
  • What did it take to become a female operator at a King County wastewater treatment plant? Ask Pam Restovic.
  • Georgetown Wet Weather Station made it through the Seattle winter!
  • Volunteers needed at City Soil Farm
  • Ever wanted to tour a wastewater treatment plant? Now’s your chance!
  • What better way to celebrate Earth Day than in a rain garden?
  • Work With WTD
  • Jobs for Clean Water: Career Events