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Canvassing Board

Canvassing Board

King County Canvassing Board Members

  • Auditor/Director of Elections: Julie Wise
  • Prosecuting Attorney’s Office: Kimberly Frederick
  • King County Council Representative: Stephanie Cirkovich

A canvassing board is a public entity that conducts a formal assessment ("canvass") of an election. The assessment includes reviewing vote totals, determining validity of challenged ballots, certifying the vote and administering a recount. Every county in Washington must have a county canvassing board.

The Canvassing Board accepts written public comment submitted up to 24 hours in advance of a meeting to Submitted comments will be promptly distributed to all Canvassing Board members.

All King County Canvassing Board meetings take place at King County Elections headquarters in Renton, unless otherwise noted in the meeting description. All meetings are public meetings (RCW 42.30 ); all rules must be adopted in a public meeting (RCW 42.56 ).

By Washington state law, the county auditor serves as the county canvassing board chair; the other members are the county prosecuting attorney and the chair of the county legislative body. In each case, the member may select a designee, under certain conditions. Designations are formal and must be in writing and filed with the county auditor.

TTY: Relay 711

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