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Ballots are mailed about three weeks prior to an election day, earlier to overseas and service voters. 選票會於選舉日三個星期前寄出,而海外及服役選民的選票會更早寄出。

How to get a ballot 如何獲取選票

By mail 郵寄方式

If you are registered to vote, you will receive a ballot in the mail. 若您已登記投票,您將會收到一份郵寄選票。

Accessible voting options 方便投票選擇

Voting by mail is a convenient option for most people. There are other options available if you need assistance voting. 郵寄投票對大多數人而言是便捷的選擇。 若您需要協助投票,我們也提供其它選擇

Going out of Town? Here’s how to get your ballots 要出門?以下是如何獲取您的選票

By Mail: If you will be near a mailbox, we can send your ballot to you anywhere in the world. Contact us with your mailing address and let us know how long you will be there. We will mail your ballot directly to you. 通過郵寄: 若您附近有郵箱,我們可以將您的選票寄到世界任何地方。 請通知我們您的郵寄地址, 並讓我們知道您將在那裏逗留多久。我們會將您的選票直接寄給您。

Online: If you have access to the internet and a printer, you can download and print your ballot. You have different ballot return options, depending on where you are. 網絡:若您有網路和印列機,則可以下載並列印您的選票。您有不同交回選票的選擇,取決於您所在的位置。

Before you leave: If you won’t be home to receive or return your regular mail ballot and are not able to access your ballot online, you can get a ballot before you leave. Contact us to find out more. 在您離開前: 若您將不在家收取或交回您的普通郵寄選票,又或者無法查看您的網上選票,您可以在出門之前向我們獲取一份選票。欲知更多請與我們聯絡

Fill out the special ballot application to get your ballot up to 90 days before a primary or general election. 請填妥此特殊選票表格 ,以便您最早可在初選或普選之前90天獲取您的選票。