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Voter registration challenges

Voter registration challenges

Current voter registration challenges:

Challenge form for :

  • Annette Fifield

Challenge packet for :

  • Keylina Rollins
  • Charles B. Galloway
  • Dillion M. Weir
  • Leonardo Russo
  • Derrick Brooks
  • David Rowland
  • Glenda Galloway
  • Keighly Voegel

Challenge packet for :

  • Tyronne Jenkins
  • Gregory D. Davenport
  • Therron J. Gamble
  • Savannah R. Ogans
  • Lucinda A. Guest
  • Nannette M. Ogans

Challenge packet for :

  • Ahmed Ainan
  • Thang Q. Nguyen
  • Worth C. Goss
  • Dauna L. Cox

Challenge packet for :

  • Kimberly A. Brown
  • Frances R. Gaines
  • Kerry A. Evans
  • Paulo Ibanez
  • Jennifer Bugneru
  • Raitan Mezei

Frequently asked questions

There are five different items that you can challenge.

The voter:

  • is not a U.S. Citizen
  • will not be at least 18 years old by the next election
  • was convicted of a felony and has not yet had his or her rights restored
  • has been judicially declared ineligible to vote due to mental incompetency
  • does not reside at the address listed on his or her voter registration

A registration challenge is a way to contest the qualifications of a voter.

  • Any registered voter
  • The prosecuting attorney’s office
  1. Fill out the voter registration challenge form
  2. Submit to King County Elections

    1. By Mail:
      King County Elections
      Attn: Voter registration challenge
      919 SW Grady Way
      Renton, WA 98057

    2. By Email
      Subject: Voter registration challenge

    3. By Fax

The challenge is reviewed by the prosecuting attorney’s office to make sure it is complete. You will be notified if it is not.

If the challenge is complete:
  • All information is posted to our website
  • We will notify the challenged voter and others that a challenge has been turned in
  • We will set a time and date for the challenge hearing

It is a meeting to hear the facts about the challenge and make a decision on the voter registration. The challenge hearing is an administrative hearing that is open to the public. It is not a court hearing.

TTY: Relay 711

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