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King County Urban Growth Capacity Report

King County Urban Growth Capacity Report

In 1997, the Washington State legislature adopted the Buildable Lands amendment to the Growth Management Act, (RCW 36.70A.215). The amendment requires seven Washington counties and their cities to determine the amount of land suitable for urban development, and evaluate the capacity for growth, based upon measurement of recent actual development activity.  

2021 Urban Growth Capacity Report 

About the Urban Growth Capacity Report

Note: The 2021 Countywide Planning Policies were amended to establish growth targets for the City of Sammamish. These growth targets are based on growth capacity assumptions that are different than those included in the 2021 Urban Growth Capacity Report. Updated capacity assumptions are available from City of Sammamish planning staff.


Past King County Buildable Lands Reports:



For more demographic information, please contact:

Rebeccah Maskin, AICP
Demographic Planner

Performance, Strategy and Budget

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