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Archive: Executive Recommended 2016 Plan

Archive: Executive Recommended 2016 Plan

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COMPLETE PLAN (21 MB PDF) File formatted to print double sided
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Transmittal Ordinance 

Front Matter - Cover, Transmittal Letter, Table of 
Contents, Executive Summary

Chapter I - Regional Planning
King County Land Use 2016

Chapter II - Urban Communities
King County's Urban Potential Annexation Areas and
City in the Rural Area Urban Growth Area
 King County Urban Centers 2016

Chapter III - Rural Area and Natural Resource Lands
    Map: Agriculture and Forest Lands 2016
Mineral Resources 2016

Chapter IV - Housing and Human Services

Chapter V - Environment
Map: Wildlife Habitat and Public Ownership 2016

Chapter VI - Shoreline Master Program
Map: Shorelines of the State 2016
Visit the Shoreline Master Program Website to learn more

Chapter VII - Parks, Open Space and Cultural Resources
King County's Open Space System 2016

Chapter VIII - Transportation

Chapter IX - Services, Facilities and Utilities

Chapter X - Economic Development

Chapter XI - Community Service Area Planning

Chapter XII - Implementation



        Land Use and Zoning Amendments

Technical Appendix A: Capital Facilities

Technical Appendix B: Housing

Technical Appendix C: Transportation

Technical Appendix C1: Transportation Needs Report

Technical Appendix C2: Regional Trails Needs Report

Technical Appendix D: Growth Targets and Urban Growth Area

Technical Appendix R: Public Outreach for Development
of Comprehensive Plan       


Attachment: Skyway-West Hill Action Plan

Attachment: Area Zoning Studies

       Additional Council-directed Area Zoning Studies

Attachment: Development Code Studies

Attachment: Policy Amendment Analysis Matrix

Attachment: Public Participation Report  


Ivan Miller, AICP

Comprehensive Planning Manager
Performance, Strategy and Budget

Karen Wolf, AICP
Senior Policy Analyst
Performance, Strategy and Budget