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Business Development & Contract Compliance

Business Development & Contract Compliance

About Us

The Business Development and Contract Compliance office is located within the King County Department of Executive Services, Finance and Business Operations Division.

The Business Development and Contract Compliance office aims to increase the participation of Small Contractors and Suppliers, Small Business Enterprises (SBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Minority and Women owned Business Enterprises in the county’s contracting opportunities and the workforce of its contractors through its Apprenticeship and Priority Hire programs.

The Business Development and Contract Compliance office is committed to assisting these small business concerns in gaining access to King County contracting and procurement and growing a diverse and trained workforce by providing training and family wage employment opportunities in the construction industry.

How: The Business Development and Contract Compliance office through administration of its programs works to accomplish these aims in the following ways:

  • Administering the Contracting Opportunities Program, Apprenticeship and Priority Hire programs, a Master Community Workforce Agreement, Federal DBE program, and regional SCS Certification program.
  • Establishing requirements on certain construction projects for a percentage of all labor hours for performance by state registered apprentices and priority hire workers.
  • Establishing contract-specific small, disadvantaged, minority and women business subcontracting requirements and or goals, with prime contractors.
  • Evaluating bids and proposals for compliance with established goals and requirements for the use of SCS, SBE, DBE, MWBE on county contracts.
  • Ensuring only eligible firms participate in the county’s federal small and disadvantaged programs.
  • Certifying eligible small businesses to participate as small contractors and suppliers in county contracting opportunities.
  • Partnering with community-based organizations to provide technical assistance to small businesses.
  • Monitoring compliance with these objectives by county contractors.
  • Participating in informational and outreach events.

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Our Mission

Foster innovation to promote inclusive and equitable contracting opportunities

Our Vision

Be a leader in our region for advancing equity and inclusion through economic opportunity and workforce diversity