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Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing

Sustainable Purchasing Guide

This guide balances economic, social, and environmental purchasing considerations. Together, our purchasing choices can make a difference.

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Sustainable Purchasing Action Steps

5 steps
Ask yourself...
  • Can you avoid the purchase?
  • Can you repurpose what you have?
  • Can you get it secondhand from Surplus?
  • See what's available at the Surplus warehouse (707 S. Orcas St) or add items to your wish list; they'll notify you if it comes in. Email

    Need furniture for your workspace? Try FMD’s pilot "New to You Market" pilot program for used furniture.
If you must purchase...
  • Check for green contracts (even if it costs less than $10,000). We've already negotiated a great deal!
  • Don't see what you need? You can "piggyback" off a contract from another public agency or national cooperative group to save time.
Look for these environmental attributes:
  • Ecolabels – Ecolabels tell you if a product is certified as having met environmental standards.
  • made with recycled content
  • recyclable/compostable
  • reusable or durable
  • low: toxicity, VOCs, energy, or water
  • biobased
  • PFAS free
Look for small and minority and women owned businesses:
Look for King County’s existing recycling and waste management contracts
  • Reuse items, or surplus if the products are in working areas
  • Compost and recycle
  • Recycle, or take-back with supplier/manufacturer
  • Dispose of hazardous waste correctly
  • Use the handy lookup tool "What Do I Do With...?" to determine proper disposal for common items.
2023 Sustainable Accomplishments

About our Sustainable Purchasing Program

Formerly called the Environmental Purchasing Program

King County’s policies support the purchase of sustainable products and services that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

King County is committed to continuously improving the impacts of its procurement of goods and services in a transparent and accountable way that balances fiscal responsibility, social equity, and environmental stewardship. The County’s sustainable purchasing policy focuses on sending a clear message to employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders that the County desires products and services that deliver key sustainability benefits and will increasingly be a criterion in purchasing.

The Sustainable Purchasing Program provides county personnel with information and technical assistance to help identify, evaluate, and purchase economical, effective, and sustainable products and services.
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