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In addition to purchasing thousands of products, King County purchases a wide variety of services. While each of these have unique environmental considerations, “green” services which conserve natural resources, such as energy and water, and which utilize products with sustainable attributes can reduce impacts on the environment.

See below for more information on specific service categories.

King County agencies are required to recycle obsolete computer and electronic equipment via an e-Stewards certified recycler per KCC 18.20.050 to ensure proper handling of county equipment. In 2019, the County recycled 120,789 pounds of electronics through local recyclers.

For more information, see the E-Waste guide.

Due to the short-term nature of certain projects, renting equipment instead of purchasing it can not only reduce the amount of natural resources consumed, but can also be an economical choice as well.

The chemicals used to clean our spaces can contain hazardous and toxic chemicals, which can have harmful health impacts to custodial workers, degrade indoor air quality, and increase water pollution. King County agencies buy various green cleaners and recycled janitorial paper products for use in cleaning our buildings. And, we require the same when we hire janitorial service companies.

For more information, see the Janitorial Products guide.

Washing uniforms creates a burden on the environment through the use of water and potentially toxic chemicals in laundry detergents and dry cleaning solvents. This can be mitigated by using less toxic cleaners.

For more information, see the Laundry and Uniforms guide.

Computers and imaging equipment—including multifunction copiers such as printers and copiers—often contain toxic materials and are energy intensive to manufacture and operate.

For more information, see the Computers & Imaging Equipment guide.

Beginning in 1999, King County has required the use of integrated pest management (IPM), a comprehensive approach to pest management.

For more information, see the Pest Management guide.

The inks, paper types and energy used during the printing of materials can all have negative environmental impacts. Choosing biobased inks and recycled content paper can help mitigate these impacts.

For more information, see the Printing guide.

King County has a goal of zero waste of resources that have economic value for reuse or recycling by 2030. The disposal of hazardous waste is subject to several regulations per Federal, State and County codes, so it needs to be handled properly.

For more information, see the Recycling and Waste Services guide.

The parts and fluids that make up our vehicles can deplete natural resources and introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. By extending the life on vehicles and their components and choosing less toxic fluids, you can reduce the environmental impacts of the vehicles we drive.

For more information on Vehicle Repairs, see the Tire Retreading, Lubricants and Vehicles guides.

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