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Tire Retreading

Tire Retreading

When car and truck tires become worn, they can be restored with new tread. According to the Tire Retread Information Bureau, there is no significant difference in quality between new and retreaded tires, and as noted by the EPA, retreading saves more than 400 million gallons of oil in North America every year. Retreaded tires can be purchased at lower costs than virgin tires and contain up to 85 percent recycled materials. Large truck tires are typically retreaded as part of a routine tire-management program, and many tires can be repeatedly re-treaded, delaying the landfill disposal of the tire.



  • retreading services
  • extend the life of the original tire


  • brand new big truck tires

End of Life

  • retread or recycle with vendor

An EPA checkmark indicates a certification or standard is recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Retreaded Tires Buying Guide from the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB):

  • Look to a list of approved TRIB suppliers.
  • Ask the retreading business for a list of customers as references.
  • Visit the vendor plant.
    • Make sure the casings are inspected for structural integrity within the factory.
    • Ensure that non-destructive testing equipment, such as an X-ray inspection system, is being used.
  • Include a probationary period within the purchase contract to guarantee the vendor can meet performance standards.
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