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Purchasing remanufactured toner cartridges—cartridges that have been used at least once and then disassembled, cleaned and had worn parts replaced and toner refilled—can save buyers money while helping the environment. Remanufactured cartridges save users around 30 to 50 percent off the price of new cartridges. The County’s specifications require spent cartridges to be remanufactured and all components to be recycled when their useful life is over, reducing the landfill disposal of hazardous material.


Policy and Goals:

As outlined in King County’s 2020 Strategic Climate Action Plan,

  • King County shall optimize print management efficiencies countywide, through new procurement practices and the use of Managed Print Services


King County Superior Court: “The product is what we’re looking for and is cheaper remanufactured, saving us money across all sectors. Also the turnaround time is quick. The product originally manufactured is three times as costly and three times as more likely to run out quicker.”

King County Department of Natural Resources & Parks:  “The remanufactured cartridges are highly comparable to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM). The service is great and the delivery is fast between one and two business days.”


  • remanufactured cartridges
  • bio-based cartridges
  • high-yield OEM (new) cartridges
  • recyclable


  • new cartridges
  • key words: “compatible,” “generic,” and “refilled”

End of Life

  • recycle with supplier

An EPA checkmark indicates a certification or standard is recommended by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

How to order

Order online with our new toner cartridges supplier, Keeney's Office Supply.

To order toner cartridges, you'll need a new Keeney's username and password. (For office supplies or paper, continue using your existing account.)

Set up your new toner cartridges account by emailing or calling Keeney's at (425) 556-1734. Include your name, email address, phone number, department, shipping address, and any specific delivery instructions.

After you've set up your new account

On your expense report, reference Contract Purchase Agreement (CPA) number.

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