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AP Smart Spreadsheet Resources

AP Smart Spreadsheet Resources

Voucher Submittal

  • Warrant (check) pick-up is scheduled for Wednesdays.
  • Electronic signatures or email approval will be accepted.
  • Submit all vouchers at least 5 days prior to the payment due date.

If you have any questions, please email

King County Oracle EBS Finance System - Documents and Downloads

On this page you will find information for Special Purpose Districts, Cities and Towns relating to the Oracle EBS financial system.

  Version File Size/Type
This section is for special districts for which King County performs Warrant Issuance services.
AP "Smart" Spreadsheet v2.4 243 KB .xls
AP "Smart" Spreadsheet User Guide 050724 2.3 MB .pdf
AP "Smart" Spreadsheet Test Import CSV File (Warrant Data Entry) v1.0 5 KB .csv
AP Authorized Signature Form 073112 143 KB .pdf
AP Authorized Signature Form User Guide 101722 209 KB .pdf
Warrant Request Process - Quick Reference 101722 579 KB .pdf
If King County receives voucher payment requests from your district and prints your warrants, please contact Accounts Payable for questions regarding interfaced voucher files, warrants, affidavits, and warrant reports. Click here for contact information.

Smart Spreadsheet and Axway FAQ

Use the v2.1 Smart Spreadsheet. This is compatible with both the 32bit and the 64bit Excel. 
Use the v2.1 "Smart" Spreadsheet. This is compatible with both the 32bit and the 64bit Excel.

You may have experienced a connectivity issue or there may be invalid characters, such as extra double quotes, in the file.

Go to Axway and double check the uploads monitor to check if the .XLS file was uploaded instead of the csv file. If so, try uploading and selecting the csv file.

The sum of the Invoice Amounts for all transactions does not match the sum of all Line Amounts. Check that the sum of the Line Amount equals the Invoice Amount for every transaction. Correct inconsistencies as needed.
The Invoice Number associated with the payment is already in Oracle EBS for the payee. Please verify you have entered the correct Invoice Number and are not duplicating a payment.
You have submitted a CSV file with the same file name in the past. If you are using an AP Smart Spreadsheet, simply re-export a new CSV file and upload through Axway.
Double check the zip code to match with the City and State, double check the spelling of the address as well.
Yes. The entire file is rejected and a new file needs to be submitted.

Go to "Configuration" tab and update the vendor options in Row 26 - "Use Vendor Tab for Warrant Entry?" You can choose "Yes" or "No" in the drop down menu.

Go to the "Configuration" tab of the "Smart" Spreadsheet to change the email address.

Use a fresh spreadsheet and to copy and paste the vendor list.
The work around is to copy and paste the information into the spreadsheet.