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National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS) - Seattle

National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS) - Seattle

Seattle is one of 23 large metropolitan areas participating in a national health survey funded by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Each year we survey different populations to learn about HIV prevalence, sex and drug use, HIV testing, and use of local HIV prevention programs. The survey provides up-to-date information to help improve HIV prevention in King County. Seattle has been an important and successful part of this effort since 2004.

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How to get involved

The Seattle NHBS team conducts in-person interviews, annually beginning in the summer through fall.

PITCH Study & Project FIRST

PITCH Study and Project FIRST recruitment is conducted using a coupon system. People interested in participating, will need to have a coupon in order to contribute to the information collected. Some people who complete the survey may be asked to refer other people they know – again through coupons. People must have a coupon in order to participate, but having a coupon does not guarantee participation.

Participants are offered a survey, and testing (varies from year to year). And we provide an incentive as a token of our gratitude for their time and knowledge.

If you receive a coupon, please call the number on the coupon to schedule an appointment.

Members of the community are not able to volunteer for either survey.

All information collected is confidential and anonymous.

Surveys are conducted in a private location &/or a mobile van to ensure the confidentiality of all participants.

For additional information about either survey, contact:

For additional data requests, contact:

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