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COVID-19 preparedness planning guide for homeless service providers

COVID-19 preparedness planning guide


Create and implement a COVID-19 preparation and response plan to protect the clients and employees of your organization.


  • Reduced staffing for a prolonged period due to staff illness
    • What are the core functions of your agency?
      • Can these continue with reduced staff and resources?
      • Can you cross train staff to help maintain the core functions?
    • What services might be suspended during a prolonged outbreak?
    • How might service hours be impacted?
    • How will you communicate these changes to your clients?
  • Extra supplies – purchase and storage
  • Creating Isolation areas – how to separate sick people from healthy ones
  • Networking with partner agencies and volunteers
  • Can employees work from home or other isolated sites?
  • Update sick and medical leave policies to encourage self-quarantine in times of emergency?
  • Time is of the essence – have gear and policies in place before an outbreak
  • Encourage staff to have a personal plan

Sign-up for the Community Communications Network

  • The Community Communications Network (CCN) is designed to improve Public Health's ability to outreach to vulnerable communities during an emergency.
  • The CCN includes more than 600 agencies and community leaders and provides after hours contact information for the majority.
  • In a crisis, Public Health will use the CCN to contact agencies that provide services to vulnerable populations who may not have access to traditional communication channels.
  • Community agencies pass this information to the vulnerable populations that they serve.
  • For more information or to sign-up go to the Community Communication Network Page.