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Layoff support resources

Layoff support resources

Resources to help employees facing layoff

Preparing for a layoff is a difficult and stressful time. Finding accurate and supportive information is important. This website is designed to share information about benefits, pay, and retirement; programs that can help you land a new job; and mental health and well-being resources, so you have the tools you need as you transition from King County employment.


Resources and tools

Review the items below to help your transition and take the next step in your career.

Two layoff programs are available to provide support:

  • Career Support Services: Access virtual career development services, workshops, and online resources.
  • Priority Placement Program: Eligible participants will be given priority placement consideration for positions that have the same or lower pay range and are the same or lower FTE level.

Additional resources include:

Take care of mental and emotional health, and well-being

Benefits, payroll, and more

What financial resources are available?

King County learning resources

Check out the Learning and Development training website and King County eLearning, with free access to thousands of resources, such as these useful courses:

Complete available trainings to refresh your knowledge of King County policies and practices:

Continuing your King County benefits upon leaving employment


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