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Complaint process

Complaint process

Permitting services are available online via this website and For details and information about our location and office hours, see our Customer Service Bulletin.

All complaints are processed in the order that they are received. However, complaints are prioritized right away according to their impact on the environment and public safety. The most significant impacts may be investigated first. So, please provide specific and complete details because information received may affect the time it takes to investigate a complaint.

Upon receipt of a complaint, Code Enforcement will gather basic property information and assign a case number to the complaint. Complaints are then routed to a specific CEO for investigation. Initial contact with a suspected violator generally occurs within 30 days of receiving a complaint, although environmental hazards and other high priority cases are investigated as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

Some violations are quick to resolve, while others take more time due to their complexity. Code Enforcement officers work with property owners in an attempt to educate them about the specific code requirements which apply to their property.

If the property owner is willing to work with the officer, then both parties agree to a compliance schedule. If the violator is a repeat offender or is unwilling to bring the property into compliance, the officer will issue an order which typically includes civil penalties and the possibility of a lien on the property. The order may be appealed to the Hearing Examiner and scheduled for a public hearing. In some extreme cases, the Code Enforcement office may have to refer the case to the King County Prosecutor's Office for further enforcement action and/or abatement.