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Green Building Handbook

Green Building Handbook

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We encourage using green building techniques. The handbook and green sheets will help you make decisions that will save energy and reduce costs.

Green Building Handbook - Complete publication  (PDF*)

Green Building Handbook Cover  (PDF*)

Green Building Handbook Introduction (PDF*)

1) Amended Soils (PDF*)

2) Rainwater Harvesting for Outdoor Use (PDF*)

3) Permeable Surfaces and Driveways (PDF*)

4) Roofing Materials (PDF*)

5) Routine Home Maintenance (PDF*)

6) EcoCool Remodel Tool (PDF*)

7) Green Product Choices (PDF*)

8) What To Do with Construction and Demolition Materials (PDF*)

9) Advanced Framing (PDF*)

10) Air Sealing Your Home (PDF*)

11) Duct Sealing (PDF*)

12) High Efficiency Appliances (PDF*)

13) Insulation (PDF*)

14) Fresh Air Ventilation (PDF*)

15) Toilets, Showers & Faucets (PDF*)

16) Thermostats (PDF*)

17) Right Sizing Heating/Cooling Systems (PDF*)

18) Furnace Replacement (PDF*)

19) Heat Pumps (PDF*)

20) Solar Energy (PDF*)

*Note: To view PDFs, free software from Adobe is required. Word documents require Microsoft software. For assistance, see helpful hints.

To request this information in alternate formats for people with disabilities, call 206-296-6600 or TTY Relay: 711.