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North Highline Subarea Plan

North Highline Subarea Plan

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Executive Recommended
North Highline Community Service Area Subarea Plan and Land Use and Zoning Map Amendments

On March 30, 2022, the King County Executive transmitted the Recommended North Highline Community Service Area Subarea Plan, associated Land Use and Zoning Map Amendments, and the proposed Ordinance adopting the plan and new inclusionary housing regulations to the King County Council. The plan is part of a large submittal called the 2022 Update to the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. You can find links to the documents transmitted to Council on our Executive Recommended 2022 Update to 2016 Comprehensive Plan web page.

What’s next

Now that the plan has been transmitted to the King County Council, the update process shifts to council review, refinement, and adoption. The council is expected to adopt the amendments in 2022. Follow the process on the council’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update website.

What’s already happened

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Follow the 2022 Comprehensive Plan Update process on the King County Council’s website, where you can subscribe to receive email updates.

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