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Snoqualmie Valley/NE King County Subarea Plan

Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County

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Subarea planning is underway

King County is accepting public comments on the public review draft of its subarea plan for the Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Community Service Area. Comments will be accepted until July 15. County planners will send a final draft of the subarea plan to the King County Council in December 2023.

King County Local Services is asking community members to share their thoughts on the Plan and Map Amendments (see links below). The plan includes a vision statement, guiding principles, and policies that will guide planning decisions and investments in the area for the next 20 years. The Map Amendments are proposed land use and zoning changes for the subarea. There is also a Reader's Guide, a recommended first read that summarizes all of the above.

Visit our interactive website to learn more and share your thoughts about these documents.

Thanks for your input so far!

The council directed the county to develop the plan together with the community, so we are using an interactive website to engage and collaborate with residents and businesses in the area. For more than two years we have engaged with the community in several ways, including more than 100 meetings, booths at community events, online surveys and interactive maps, focus groups, and virtual meetings. The results of some of these activities are available for review at the bottom of the interactive website.

The King County Comprehensive Plan is being updated at the same time. It is also available for public review until July 15, and a final draft will be also transmitted to the King County Council in December 2023. The Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Subarea Plan is a part of the Comprehensive Plan program, so these efforts are closely connected.


Jesse Reynolds
Subarea Planner
Permitting Division
King County Local Services


Map of Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County Community Service Area

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Snoqualmie Valley/Northeast King County updates

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Plan timeline

Executive plan development

  • King County Council adopts changes to subarea planning program.
  • Subarea plan project research begins.
  • Subarea planning begins
  • Final preliminary Community Needs List input received from public
  • Release of the Subarea Plan Concept Document and Map Amendment Summaries
  • Release of the Subarea Plan Public Review Draft