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Land use permit records

Land use permit records

Subdivisions (plats and short plats)

  • Subdivisions, also known as plats and short plats, are the most commonly requested land use files.

  • On any plat or short plat, the Permitting Records Center receives and stores a Permitting review file after each review phase, e.g., preliminary approval, engineering review, final review, and completion of the inspection phase.

    Short Plats. Usually retrieved for customer review within one business day.

    Plats. The Permitting Records Center requests these files from its inactive records facility; retrieval may take up to a week.

Grading Permits

All grading permits are forwarded to the Record Center as soon as the inspection phase is complete.

Conditional Use Permits (CUP)

Stored in the Records Center as far back as the mid 1960s.

Lot Line/Boundary Line Adjustments

Stored in the Records Center back to the late 1980s.

Binding Site Plans

Stored in the Records Center back to the 1970s.


Records for unincorporated King County also available from the Records Center:

  • Certificates of Occupancy
  • Code Enforcement
  • Exemption-Innocent Purchaser
  • Rezone
  • Right-of-Way Use
  • Shoreline
  • Title Elimination
  • Variance

Records stored off-site

  • Urban Planned Development/Fully Contained Communities/ (UPD/FCC). To review files pertaining to the Redmond Ridge UPD/FCC, contact Permitting at 206-296-6600.