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Code of Ethics Summary
This document provides an overview of the Code of Ethics and how it applies to King County employees, board and commission members, and contractors. It is not intended as a substitute for understanding the entire Code of Ethics.

You and King County: Doing Business with Contractors, Vendors, Clients, and Customers
This brochure highlights sections of the Code of Ethics that affect the way King County employees and officials do business with contractors, vendors, clients, and customers. Because it is important for everyone to know that all business dealings are fair and impartial, employees and elected officials are bound by certain rules in the way we interact with individuals and businesses. There are clear rules guiding these interactions. Both employees and those who do business with King County will benefit from knowing and following those rules.

Members of King County Boards, Commissions, Committees, and Other Multimember Bodies
This brochure outlines some of the ethics considerations that citizen-volunteers in these groups must take into account. Nearly 500 volunteers serve on more than 55 different boards and commissions throughout King County government. As part of this commitment, they provide crucial advice and guidance, and help to ensure that residents are represented in countless government decisions from strategic communications planning to community health care.

Exiting Employees Fact Sheet
To ensure the public's trust and confidence in all county transactions, the Code of Ethics clearly sets out reasonable restrictions on what officials and employees may and may not do after leaving county employment or service. This fact sheet summarizes those provisions in King County Code.

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